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Whoever wins… we all lose

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WE ALREADY know who will win next week’s US presidential election.
Issue 1925

WE ALREADY know who will win next week’s US presidential election.

The next president will have bought the White House with corporate cash—George Bush and John Kerry have spent $200 million each on their election campaigns.

The next president will deepen the occupation of Iraq, display uncritical support for the state of Israel and pledge unflinching loyalty to capitalism.

He will come from one of the US’s elite families, part of the top 1 percent of the country that owns 40 percent of its wealth.

And we already know who will lose—ordinary Americans, ordinary Iraqis, the great mass of working people all over the world.

More US citizens are now living in poverty than at any time since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Inequality is rising, while corporations pay less tax than ever before.

Some 45 million Americans out of a population of 295 million have no healthcare. Eight million are registered unemployed. Seven million are in jail, on probation or on parole.

Five million have had their right to vote taken away for life after being convicted of a felony.

One in three black men in Mississippi is now permanently disenfranchised.

Neither Bush nor Kerry has the slightest intention of doing anything to change the system that grinds so many Americans into the ground.

And both are committed champions of the drive to further Washington’s imperial project, in the Middle East and beyond.

More Iraqis and US troops are dying now than during the actual invasion of Iraq. The city of Fallujah is being bombed every day, awaiting a full-scale ground offensive against its people.

If Bush goes down to defeat, cheers will sound around the globe. That’s because the US elite treat people around the world with the same murderous contempt that they deal out to their own working class.

Whoever wins on Tuesday, it will be down to the people of the world—what the New York Times called the “second superpower”—to unite and fight back against their global regime of war and exploitation.

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