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Why 26 March protest matters

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Turn anger into action "We need to turn the enthusiasm of the march into real resistance.
Issue 2244

Turn anger into action

“We need to turn the enthusiasm of the march into real resistance.

Workers need to fight at a local level and coordinate action across the unions.

In Tower Hamlets we’re hoping for joint action with teachers (see below, right).

The TUC demonstration can breathe new life into workplaces across Britain.

It can give people who are against cuts the confidence that we are the majority.

On a national level unions need to coordinate action.

The scale of the attack is huge. The threat to public sector pensions has to bring unions together in coordinated action.”

John McLoughlin, Tower Hamlets Unison (pc)

This demo is about people power

“The 26 March protest is important in so many ways.

We are showing the government that we will not just lie down and let them destroy our public services—we will fight and we will win.

For all the people out there who are angry and don’t know what to do or how to change things, this demo is empowering.

It shows what people power really is.

The government is waking people up. The more they cut, the more pissed off we get.

We fought the Tories over the poll tax and won—and we can do it again.”

Sarah Walsh, student nurse, Lincolnshire Health Unison

Students and workers can unite

“I’m proud that resistance to the Tories started with the students.

As we saw after the NUS demonstration on 10 November, an official protest can spark an unofficial movement.

Students need to support their teachers and lecturers when they strike.

School students can help their teachers shut down their school on strike days by refusing to go in.

It shook the government in France when students did this.

Seeing different groups of workers and students come together on the demonstration can give people confidence to strike together. United we can rock the coalition.”

Ruby Hirsch, London school student

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