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Why I’m coming to Marxism 2000

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Issue 1699

The biggest anti-capitalist conference in Europe

Why I’m coming to Marxism 2000

AN ANTI-CAPITALIST mood is sweeping the globe. Tens of thousands of protesters halted the bankers and government officials of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle last year. In Britain millions of working people are disgusted with New Labour’s Tory policies, and trade union leaders who do nothing.

How do we fight the system? What sort of alternative to New Labour do we need? These issues and more will be discussed at the brilliant forum provided by Marxism 2000.

  • NAOMI KLEIN, the author of No Logo, will take part in a huge anti-capitalist rally to start the week.
  • SUSAN GEORGE, international campaigner against Third World debt and the World Trade Organisation, will speak on The challenge to global capital.
  • CHRIS HARMAN, editor of Socialist Worker, examines Anti-capitalism: theory and practice.
  • TONY BENN MP and author CAROLINE BENN take part in a forum on Socialism in the 21st century.
  • LIZ DAVIES, of the Labour Party’s NEC, joins a discussion about Where is Labour going?
  • JULIE WATERSON of the SWP speaks on the new racism against asylum seekers.
  • PAUL FOOT speaks on women’s fight for the vote
  • Plus much more…

“WHEN MY brother Harold was killed the whole of our family were treated like second class citizens. We need to unite together and demand the establishment treat us in a way we deserve.

I am also looking forward to discussing the wider capitalist system and how it is that European countries can arm Third World nations. They should be helping people to feed themselves, not selling them arms.”

  • CLIFTON McGOWAN, Telford

“MY MAIN concern is to talk about how we are denied a decent living because of the capitalist system. I came to think about the world when I was a young lad growing up in Dominica. I saw how the British government and firms like GEC denied us electricity because the country was too poor to pay. I am also motivated to come because of my own workplace. It is grossly unfair, they’ve kicked us up the backside.”

  • BERLYNE HAMILTON, Ford Dagenham

‘I’M A school student. Marxism is such an important event because it is inspiring to be around so many people who think alike. Sometimes it is easy when you are on your own to feel like you are a lost cause. It is also important to me to get a different perspective on things like slavery and racism from the way we are taught. Marxism is about understanding the world but also seeing something better and doing something to change the world.’

  • KATHARINE SEGAL, school student


  • A ticket for the week costs 39 (31 unwaged), and for the weekend 28 (24 unwaged). For school and FE students (under 18s) it is 17 for the week and 12 for the weekend. 
  • Free/cheap accommodation is arranged and a creche is available (if you book). 
  • Send a cheque/postal order/credit card details to Marxism, PO Box 82, London E3 3LH l To book, or for more information, phone 020 7538 2707 or e-mail [email protected]

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