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‘Why we back the anti-Nazi carnival’

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Burnley councillors speak out
Issue 1811

SUPPORT FOR the ‘Love Music-Hate Racism’ carnival, to be held in Burnley on Sunday 1 September, is growing. Three Labour councillors have spoken out about the challenge facing the Lancashire town where three BNP Nazis were elected onto the council in the local election in May.

Paul Moore, who represents Queensgate ward, told Socialist Worker, ‘We need a carnival in Burnley. ‘It’s an opportunity to bring the people of Burnley together from all walks of life, all ages and all ethnic backgrounds. It’s really important to send the message out loud and clear that the people of Burnley want an inclusive community that is fair and representative of all the people of the town. This is about all the people of our town, rather than concentrating just on the 10,000 people who voted for the BNP. After last year’s disturbances there are divisions within sections of the community that need healing. We hear a lot about ‘cohesion of communities’. A carnival music event bringing people together will help in this process. Things are looking positive for the event on 1 September. It will boost the morale of the town, and it will give people confidence. We can’t let the BNP set the agenda.’

Councillor Mozaquir Ali, who represents Daneshouse, told Socialist Worker: ‘A carnival event is helpful to reinforce and express the true nature of the people and community here. We are a multiracial community in Burnley. ‘The fact that a small number of people don’t support a multicultural society and want to undermine it isn’t the view of the overwhelming majority in Burnley.’

Alice Thornber, councillor for Gannow ward, said, ‘We have just supported a resolution to kick racism out of football. Everyone except the BNP backed it. Ten thousand people voted for the BNP in the town. But I think people will come to recognise that the way forward is for people to come together to live in harmony. The young people of the town are very aware of the problems. Students from local schools spoke out against racism at a recent council meeting. We are hoping to get young people along to the carnival event. We want a day that is for the whole community, incorporating everybody. A carnival can show everyone that Burnley isn’t the racist capital it was labelled after the three BNP councillors were elected. I’m 73. I lived through the war. We were told what Nazis were all about. We have to remind others that Nazis target people because of sexuality, race, religion or political beliefs. We should all be equal. The BNP are against the ordinary man in the street. A carnival in Burnley is an opportunity to raise the banner of the people of Burnley.’

No place for racism

FAILED BNP Nazi candidate Mick Treacy is desperately trying to find a place to hold the BNP’s Red, White and Blue ‘festival’ on 17 August. Attempts by the BNP to use the small village of Diggle for the Nazi event have been met with swift opposition by local people.

A petition opposing the BNP is gaining overwhelming support both in Diggle and the surrounding area. Diggle residents are also planning protests to stop the Nazi festival taking place.

This follows a meeting of some 200 residents opposing the BNP coming to Diggle. As Jane, a Diggle resident, says, ‘We are all aware of what happened in Oldham last year. We want it on record that we object to it morally. People don’t want to make a fuss-this is a very contained place. It’s pretty and it’s nice. And no, there aren’t many black faces. But racism has no place here. It was a good feeling when all those people spoke out.’
Stop John Tyndall, the BNP ex-FŸhrer, coming to Burnley to build support for his Nazi ideas. To join the protests on Thursday 1 August against Tyndall’s visit, phone the Anti Nazi League on 020 7924 0333 or go to

Oldham Nazi gets the boot

MARTIN FIELDING, a longstanding Nazi thug, has been sacked from his job inside the Trinity Mirror newspaper building in Oldham. The workforce in the building is very racially mixed. Fielding is a notorious member of the Nazi terror group Combat 18.

He has been active in the ‘Fine Young Casuals’, Oldham’s far right football hooligans. Combat 18 came out of the Hitler-loving BNP. Its name comes from the first (A) and eighth (H) letters in the alphabet-for Adolf Hitler. His sacking comes after he was exposed as a violent Nazi by the BBC2 programme Hooligans, broadcast in May this year.

Fielding was featured organising other football hooligans and fascists to fight and attack Asians. Fielding boasted at work of targeting the Asian community during the riots in Oldham last year. The TV programme showed him instigating the attacks near the predominantly Asian area of Glodwick.

These rampages by the far right led to widespread disturbances in Oldham. Fielding’s sacking reflects the widespread opposition to the Nazis and their attempts to organise in the workplace.







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