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Why you should support this strike

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Hes done over the steel industry, he wants to do over the miners...and if Ian McGregor gets his way hell savage every worker in Britain

He’s done over the steel industry, he wants to do over the miners…and if Ian McGregor gets his way he’ll savage every worker in Britain (Pic: John Sturrock)

The miners strike is a strike for every worker in this country.

The Tories provoked the strike. They made the miners a paltry wage offer that cut the living standards of most miners. And their hit man McGregor announced the destruction of 20,000 miners’ jobs.

The attack on miners follows on from the ban on trade union membership at GCHQ Cheltenham and the crippling fines imposed on the printers’ union, the NGA, by the Tory judge Donaldson.

But the response of the miners – especially in Yorkshire and Scotland – has taken the Tories by surprise. Coalfield after coalfield has shut down as miners have walked or been picketed out.

Now McGregor is resorting to Thatcher’s anti-union laws in an effort to beat the miners. But the miners can smash the law, just as the dockers smashed Heath’s Industrial Relations Act in 1972.

The strike can be won if every miner and every pit stops, and if the action spreads to stop the moement of coal to industry.

Pickets need to be pouring out of the pits to sew up the coalfields and beyond to the docks, the power stations, the coke depots and any industry using coal.

Workers in every industry must pledge support to the miners. Trade union branches, shop stewards committees and individual militants in workplaces must prepare now to raise money in support of the strike, to greet miners’ pickets and to enforce the blacking of coal.

17 March, 1984

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