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Workers create wealth – it’s the bosses who drain it

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Issue 2385

Migrants who come to Britain do not leech off existing wealth like the rich. It is workers who create the wealth—and if there are more workers, more wealth is created.

Mladen said, “All the talk of us wanting to come here because of the NHS is also ludicrous. 

“Bulgaria has a decent health care system which people are proud of. Resources are not as advanced as Britain but the doctors are very highly qualified. 

“A few years ago I needed an operation and I actually travelled back to Bulgaria to have it. 

“If I had it here I would have had to wait 18 months.” 

Migrants pay the taxes that fund public services. New immigrants always pay in more than they take out. 

For instance, migrants make up 13 percent of the population, but use 11 percent of health spending. They also make up a third of NHS workers.

It’s hardly migrant workers’ fault if the government spends their tax contributions on paying back bankers’ debt instead of running services.

But plans to charge migrants for using the NHS do serve one useful purpose for the Tories. 

They are an attack on the idea of universal free healthcare—and open the door to charging everyone for NHS services.

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