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Workers welcome the Jerry Hicks campaign

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Issue 2347
Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Members of the Unite union have until Saturday of next week to vote in the Unite union’s general secretary election.

Socialists across Britain have been pulling out all the stops to campaign for blacklisted  rep Jerry Hicks.

He’s calling for rank and file workers to have more of a say in the union—and for more action against the attacks from the coalition government and the private sector bosses.

His campaign has seen socialists put these arguments to workers in airports, bus stations, food factories, engineering plants, IT offices, ministry of defence buildings, insurance companies, shops and universities.

“Everywhere I go when you discuss Jerry’s politics it resonates with workers,” said Ruairi O’Neill, who has been campaigning in the high street banks of Bristol.

“It’s not about Jerry as an individual, but the ideas. When you say this guy is a normal worker, from the rank and file like them, they love it.

“When you say he wants action to stop the tens of thousands of job losses in the financial sector, they love it. 

“It’s about class—the people who have been taking the hit are ordinary bank workers, not the top bankers who caused the debt.”

Jerry’s campaign trail took him to Chesterfield and Sheffield last week.

Current general secretary Len McCluskey called the election three years early and on a condensed timetable.  His supporters—who include almost all the union’s full time officials—hoped it would be uncontested.

The higher Jerry’s vote, the more pressure it will put on them to lead action—and the more confidence it will give to rank and file workers.

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