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Your chance to kick back

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Issue 1747

Sick of Blair, hate Hague and want to build a better world?

Your chance to kick back

Over 160 socialist candidates already

CAROLYN LECKIE is a health worker in Glasgow. Berlyne Hamilton is a black worker at Ford’s Dagenham car plant. Ateeq Siddique is a community activist in Bradford. These are just three of the over 160 socialist candidates challenging the main parties at the election.

The Socialist Alliance and the Scottish Socialist Party will be giving a voice to all those who were overjoyed to see the end of the Tories four years ago but are sickened by the betrayals of New Labour since. The socialist candidates are not slick suited politicians or people on the make. They are people like you, ordinary working class people who want a good NHS, proper education for our children and decent pensions for the old. All have pledged to take only an average worker’s wage if elected, and donate the rest of their MP’s salary to supporting the struggle of working class people.

All are fighting on a manifesto that puts the needs of working people before those of the rich and big business. They say we should tax the rich to fund public services. They say renationalise the railways and stop privatisation of schools and hospitals. They fight for black and white to unite against racism, and oppose the scapegoating of asylum seekers. They demand that big business is made to stop wrecking the environment.

They deserve your support. Join the socialist election campaign, and kick back at the betrayals of New Labour.

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