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Tories’ plan to extend the Prevent strategy is a recipe for racism and an alibi for war

Tory home secretary Amber Rudd promised an “uplift” for the Islamophobic Prevent strategy today, Wednesday.

Scottish TUC leader says, ‘Learn from the lecturers and fight back on pay’

Scottish TUC deputy general secretary Dave Moxham's call to “challenge the public sector pay freeze” comes as 70,000 council workers ballot for strikes over pay

Pro-choice protesters in Birmingham block demo by bigots

Pro-choice protesters stopped anti-abortionists from marching in Birmingham last Saturday

East Dulwich Picturehouse to strike Saturday as other sites reballot

Workers at the Picturehouse chain of cinemas held a demonstration outside the Cineworld cinema firm’s AGM on Thursday of last week. Cineworld is the parent company of Picturehouse.

Sparks take on bosses attacks at Crossrail

Hundreds of electricians across the Crossrail project in London “cabined up” on Monday morning at the Canning Town, Holborn and Mile End shafts.

LSE cleaners strike continues in defiance of management threats

Cleaners employed by outsourcing firm Noonan at the LSE university on Wednesday continued their strike for equal pay and conditions as workers employed directly by the LSE. Cleaners currently get the statutory minimum sick pay of just £83.95 a week for a maximum of 28 weeks.

The campaign for independence needs a mass movement separate from the SNP

It’s easy to forget that one of the reasons Theresa May called the snap election was to stop a second independence referendum.

Ordinary people rushed to help each other as Murdoch’s attack dogs went after Corbyn

In the aftermath of the attack ordinary people rushed to help each other and collectively organise getting people to safety.

Mass rallies for Corbyn can pull the movement leftwards

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken to tens of thousands of people across Britain during the last week. It’s a sign of the energy behind Labour’s campaign, and how his radical policies are enthusing people.

Reports round-up

Around 50 anti-fascists turned out in Brighton to see off French Front National candidate Tony Thommes.

Fujitsu strike halted to hear new offer

The Unite union suspended all industrial action at IT firm Fujitsu after receiving a new offer from bosses.

Unions push for more action in face of obstinate rail bosses

The state of the railways is a good reason to vote out the Tories on 8 June and back Jeremy Corbyn.

Tory manifesto dressed in sheep's clothing attacks ordinary people

Tory leader Theresa May’s manifesto launch speech today, Thursday, was an attempt to con people into voting Tory with a raft of vicious attacks dressed up as giveaways.

Tories' means testing will mean the poorest pay most

Why should less well-off tax payers subsidise the wealthy with benefits and services that are not means-tested, asked right wing commentators as the Tories unveiled their manifesto this week.

Would the bosses let us renationalise services and industry?

Labour’s manifesto commitments to nationalising some industries would meet resistance

Thousands in Birmingham rally to hear Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has held one of his largest rallies of the general election campaign so far

Big schools protests pledge resistance to Tory education funding cuts

Anger at Theresa May's plan to slash billions from schools' budgets burst onto the streets

Scottish lecturers get their bosses telt

 College lecturers in Scotland held a victory rally on Saturday after their bosses "crumbled" on Friday in the face of an escalating national dispute.

The left should take no lectures on Northern Ireland from the Tories

The right wing papers are going for Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to “condemn” the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Tories' screeching U-Turn opens way for resurgent Labour campaign behind Corbyn

If Theresa May does not get the result she wants at the general election, yesterday will be the moment that analysts will say signalled the obvious turning point.

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