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Arms sales fury

SOME 87 percent of people in Britain want stronger government controls on arms sales according to a recent Gallup poll...

Around the globe

OVER 10,000 engineers and technical workers at the Boeing aerospace company in the US began an indefinite strike on Wednesday of last week.

Whipping up hatred against the persecuted

THE OWNERS of the tabloid press unleashed a stream of hatred last week. Their targets were the 144 people from Afghanistan...

A class game of two halves

REMEMBER GORDON Brown and Tony Blair attempting to boost their working class credentials by watching the European Cup?...

Race riots met by strike

IMMIGRANT WORKERS in the south east of Spain won a wide range of improvements in their living conditions, legal status and wage rates after coming out on strike last week...

Uproar at denial of justice

LEADERS OF Britain's biggest union, UNISON, have denied any justice to two of the union's leading health activists...

Moody, with a touch of class

LIMBO, the new film from radical US director John Sayles, is a gripping and atmospheric film...

London Socialist Alliance

THE LONDON Socialist Alliance got off to a flying start last week. The media has suddenly realised that thousands of people have become disillusioned with New Labour

Scrap Trident

AROUND 500 people braved appalling weather on Monday to join a protest outside the Faslane naval base, home of Britain's Trident nuclear submarines.

Has music gone left?

"ROCK IS dead." That's what one journalist in the NME music paper claimed two weeks ago. Journalists love nothing better than to wax lyrical about the "golden age" of rock and pop

Mandelson caves in to Trimble

PETER Mandelson suspended the new Northern Ireland Assembly on Friday of last week. He put all the blame on the IRA for threatening the peace process. But Mandelson's real motive was to

A blast at capitalism

A book that tears into the multinationals and capitalism has become a huge success across Europe...

Telford police-we can't solve racism

WEST MERCIA Police have admitted that they are useless at solving racist crimes.

Protests, campaigns

Save the state old age pension, Stop Russia's war in Chechnya...

Mumia must live!

PROTESTS are planned around the country on Saturday 4 March

Smears and stitch-ups cannot hide the truth

WHATEVER THE result of Labour's contest for London mayor, one thing is clear-the majority of Labour Party members reject Tony Blair's New Labour.


NEARLY HALF the 6,000 firefighters in London have sent in official letters defying management.


BT WORKERS were waiting this week to hear the outcome of negotiations over the company's major restructuring project, NewGRID.

Blair's weak constitution

A BELLY laugh must have swelled up all round Britain on Wednesday last week as the news spread that the hapless Alun Michael had resigned as first secretary of Wales...

White collar staff gear up for strike

"THIS IS a big move for us. For many of us this is the first time we've ever been on strike. But Ford is not taking us seriously...

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