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Bosses in AWE of workers power in pensions dispute

Strikes took place at the Atomic Weapons Establishment’s (AWE) two sites in Berkshire and workers are not going to take having their pensions slashed

Clive Lewis backs off, but the Labour right is out for Corbyn’s blood

Labour MP Clive Lewis appears to have backed down from challenging left wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Welcome refugees—not Donald Trump

A tide of hatred for US president Donald Trump has isolated Theresa May in her insistence on bringing the bigot-in-chief to Britain.

Sexual liberation in the Russian Revolution

The 1917 Russian Revolution saw many gains for LGBT+ rights. These were inseparable from the fight for socialism

Attacks on abortion in the US meet resistance

Activists are fighting Donald Trump’s new attacks on abortion rights, writes Eleanor Claxton-Mayer

Left winger set for election challenge to Unite union leader Len McCluskey

Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey looks set to face an election contested from the left as well as the right.

All out for Stand Up To Racism demos on 18 March

Anti-racists are building for demonstrations called by Sand Up To Racism in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on 18 March.

Protest on Monday 20 February as MPs discuss the petition against Trump's state visit

On Monday 20 February MPs will discuss the petition against Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain - and mass protests can turn the heat on Trump and Theresa May. Join these demonstrations in your area to say Trump isn't welcome here.

In Ireland movement grows for a referendum on abortion rights

The 8th Amendment in Ireland makes abortion illegal but there is growing support for repeal and safe access to abortions

Reports round up: activists protest at Labour assault on libraries

More than 100 library campaigners packed a council planning committee meeting in Lambeth, south London, last Tuesday.

‘We need a stronger union’ say UCU Left candidates

UCU Left candidates are fighting to win big votes in the lecturers’ union.

Climate campaigners to march for refugees

Campaigners for the environment have vowed to form a block on the Stand Up To Racism demonstrations on 18 March.

A show of confidence as workers walk out at four Picturehouse cinemas

Hundreds of workers took part in the biggest cinema strike in British history today, Saturday.

Lord Dubs slams Tory decision to shut out child refugees

The same Tory government that’s opening the door to bigot-in-chief Donald Trump slammed it in the face of lone child refugees this week.

Don't play into Labour right's attempt to divide left over Brexit

Labour MPs rebellion against left wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn last night, Wednesday, was probably smaller than what the right wing had hoped.

BA cabin crew escalate their fight against poverty pay

A week of strikes against poverty pay by British Airways cabin crew began today, Sunday.

As tens of thousands march—we can keep Trump out

Anger at Donald Trump’s assault on Muslims, migrants, women and others burst onto the streets of Britain last Saturday.

TUC calls for workers to join Stand Up To Racism protest on 18 March

A TUC official has called for “one of the biggest turnouts of trade unionists on an anti-racism demonstration there’s ever been” on Saturday 18 March.

Reports round up—Protests force Ineos bosses to frack off

Workers at the posh Harrods department store celebrated another victory in the wake of their successful campaign to retain their tips.

Newcastle joins the fight to stop STPs and to save the NHS

Chants of “Save our NHS” rang through Newcastle city centre as over 1,000 people joined a march against the Tories’ assault on the health service last Saturday.

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