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Backing the bosses’ EU won’t win Scottish independence

One senior Tory minister last week told Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon to “forget it” when it came to demanding a second independence referendum.

Jeremy Hunt's racist clampdown in the NHS will cost lives

Prime minister Theresa May and health minister Jeremy Hunt ramped up the assault on migrants and the NHS this week.

Protests in Romania call for the government to go

A government decree watering down punishments for corruption has sparked large scale protests with thousands taking to the streets.

40,000 march in London against Trump and May, and thousands more around Britain

In London 40,000 people marched today, Saturday, against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban—and Theresa May’s support for Trump.

Tens of thousands gather for day of protest against Trump

Tens of thousands have gathered in central London to kick off a day of protest cross Britain against US president Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban”.

Get ready to protest against the Israeli prime minister's talks with Theresa May

Protesters are getting ready for a visit to Britain by Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday.

Woolwich ferry workers strike 'for safety and against harassment'

Ferry workers in Woolwich walked out for a second time over allegations of management bullying and sexual harassment today, Friday. They operate the Thames river ferry crossing in south east London.

Muslims in Britain say - join the London protest on Saturday against Donald Trump

Activists are going all out to build for the demonstration against Donald Trump outside the US embassy in London this Saturday.

Protests against Trump continue in US - and worry the president

A thousands-strong protest by students at the University of California, Berkeley, stopped a speech by the alt right pundit Milo Yiannopoulos last night, Wednesday.

The Asylum Market—the film G4S don’t want you to see

A new film, The Asylum Market, exposes the dire conditions that asylum seekers in Britain suffer in accommodation provided by security firm G4S.

Bring home the resistance to racism and Trump, says journalist Gary Younge

Guardian journalist Gary Younge called for building a mass movement against racism in Britain this week.

Tories’ immigration system is a racist hell for refugees

If people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen arrive in Britain without the right visa they risk deportation or detention.

Escalate the fight on the streets to beat back the bigots

Debates raged on Whitehall and across Britain on Monday night about where the rising movement against Donald Trump and Theresa May could go next.

Get ready to protest when Trump comes to Britain

Campaigners have vowed that if US president Donald Trump comes to Britain he’ll be met with mass protests

NHS workers oppose Tory clampdown on migrants

Trade unionists in the NHS are building the anti-racist movement in response to new attacks on migrants who receive health care.

Protests against Trump's Muslim ban sweep the US - and planned in Britain too

Trump's attacks on Muslims and migrants have caused outrage. Full list of protests in Britain here.

List of protests this week in Britain against Trump's attacks on Muslims and migrants

Socialist Worker urges all readers and supporters to join the protests in Britain against Trump’s ban and British complicity with it.

Protests against Trump's Muslim ban erupt across Britain

Towns and cities across Britain erupted in protest tonight, Monday, against Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries.

GALLERY - Thousands join protests against Trump's Muslim Ban

Images from just some of the protests in towns and cities across Britain

'We're going to fight NHS cuts,' activists vow as health bosses get worried

Health bosses have hired “bouncers” to shield themselves from growing anger at consultation meetings

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