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Viruses and the sick system that destroys our environment

Pandemics and viral outbreaks aren’t an accident of nature. Fresh research confirms how tearing up animals’ natural habitats and intensive farming are to blame, writes Sadie Robinson

New laws give dangerous powers to the state

The Tories rushed through new laws to ‘deal’ with coronavirus—but parts of them are a threat to us all

Why you should join the march against racism

We need to hurl back the Tory government’s racist offensive. Activists say you should join the Stand Up To Racism national demonstrations in London and Glasgow on Saturday 21 March

Israel’s political deadlock exposed by another election

As Israelis prepare for their third election in a year, Nick Clark looks at what lies behind the stalemate—and says the occupation of Palestine lies at the root of the deep political crisis.

Dosh for deportations—how private firms cash in

Deportations to Jamaica have exposed the horror of Britain’s immigration system. But they’ve got bosses rubbing their hands

The woman who is taking Universal Credit to court

Hated benefits rules left Nichola Salvato in debt over childcare costs. Now, reports Sadie Robinson, she’s on a legal crusade to have them overturned

Big support for walkout that takes on bosses at Soas university

Soas management have launched a vicious attack on some of the lowest-paid academic staff—but it has been met by resistance, reports Sadie Robinson

The right use abuse scandals to feed racism

A new report shows politicians and the media use abuse to whip up Islamophobia, says Sadie Robinson

After the earthquake—how world rulers have failed Haiti

In 2010 an earthquake killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti and left many more homeless. But more horrific was world rulers’ response, argues Gabby Thorpe

Bigots organise to block new relationships and sex lessons

Bigots are organising to scupper the rollout of LGBT+ equality lessons in schools.

New West Bank settlement will ‘destroy hope for peace’

Israel’s government plans to build yet another settlement bloc in Hebron. Local Palestinian activist Issa Amro told Nick Clark that the move will ‘strengthen apartheid policies in the city’

Strikers at St Mary’s have NHS privatisers on the run

A series of strikes has forced NHS England bosses and multinationals onto the back foot over privatisation and outsourcing. Gabby Thorpe reports on the latest fight in west London

Strikes to hit 60 universities as UCU members fight for the future of education

Tens of thousands of UCU union members are preparing for their return to the picket line. Sadie Robinson talks to activists about how they’re building solidarity—and how to win

Why workers are right to strike during the general election campaign

For at least some days during the election campaign the pictures will be strikers with placards, not politicians behind podiums.

Is Labour gearing up for a radical general election?

With the opposition set to release its manifesto soon, Nick Clark looks at how the policies favoured by its members must not be forgotten on the campaign trail

Hedge fund successes are not staked on a no-deal Brexit

A new theory claims hedge funds are pushing for a no-deal Brexit in order to boost their profits. Simon Basketter explains why this makes for a poor conspiracy theory

Big pharma offers a bitter pill to those who need the most help

Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to change how drugs companies work. Sadie Robinson looks at how pharmaceutical fat cats pile up profits while ordinary people are denied care they need

The strike that’s driving the resistance in the US

A mass strike over pay and jobs at General Motors has swept across the US— Gabby Thorpe says the dispute could inspire many more workers’ struggles

How far do Labour’s plans for workers go?

The Labour Party has unveiled ‘radical measures’ under a new Ministry of Employment Rights. Tomáš Tengely-Evans casts a critical eye over the plans

Hong Kong - the battle continues for democracy, and much more

The authorities have said they will retreat over the bill that sparked resistance. But having sensed their power demonstrators are now demanding further change, writes Sadie Robinson

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