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Drug firms will cash in

The coronavirus crisis is a profit-laden paradise for some pharmaceutical firms.

Johnson’s ‘new deal’ to bail out system

Boris Johnson’s promise this week of a “new deal” marked the latest dishonest move in a decade of Tory austerity.

Protests challenge the racist system

The scale and radicalism of the month of Black Lives Matter protests continues to shake those in power.

Kwame Nkrumah - learn from militant fight against imperialism

In 1945 Kwame Nkrumah was one of only 100 people who gathered at the Pan-African Congress in Manchester to plan the end of empire.

New war threats as foreign forces fight over Libya

A battle for control is brewing across Libya. Nick Clark looks at the background to the powers’ interventions

Reading stabbing is being used by the right

The Tories are using the appalling stabbing of three people in Reading to push racism and repression.

Fight capitalism to smash racist system

Right wingers are trying to create a backlash against the fantastic Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Rising up against racism terrifies our rulers

Boris Johnson has announced a new government commission to look into racism in Britain. 

We’re proud to be revolutionary

Right wing newspapers have attacked the Black Lives Matter movement on the grounds that revolutionary socialists are involved in it.

This uprising has won gains—keep fighting

The great Black Lives Matter uprising is far from over. But already it has made history.

Use US funding debates to push for an end to the police

Demands to ‘defund the police’ are opening a wider argument

When war criminals fall out— Trump vs the generals

For retired US Marine general James Mattis to publicly condemn the US president as a threat to the constitution is unprecedented. 

Boris Johnson’s Britain is racist

‘No. The prime minister would not agree that this is a racist country,” said Boris Johnson’s spokesperson on Monday.

Only our collective power can end oppression

When politicians start fretting about “mob rule” and “law and order” it’s often a racist dog whistle. But it’s also about fear of the power of ordinary people.

The revolt runs deep—take it to its most radical conclusions

The power is in the streets. It’s not enough to write to your congressman or circulate a petition anymore

Trump opens a rift with US ruling class

Many in the US ruling class may be beginning to wonder whether Trump is worth the trouble

Workers bring more than just numbers to protests

Organised workers make up a unique group with the power to paralyse the system, says Sarah Bates

It is right to protest at school openings

Millions of parents faced an agonising choice this week of whether to send their children back to school. The Tories wanted primary school children in reception, year 1 and year 6 to start returning from Monday of this week.

US revolt against a racist system must spread

The United States has erupted into historic scenes of resistance in the last week. It has transformed the political landscape as huge protests—often led by young, black people—have risen up against the violence and hatred suffered at the hands of the racist police force.

The Spectator—a sordid establishment journal

The Spectator magazine claims it invented the usage of “the establishment” in 1955 to mean the networks of power that run society

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