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Battles and infighting inside Labour reflect the party’s limits

 A vicious battle is being fought inside the Labour Party over a dizzyingly complex series of leaks, rumours and court cases.

Israeli state is worried about questioning of its history 

As Seth Rogen talks about Israel’s lies, Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the myths around the foundation of the state

NHS protests point the way to win change

The NHS workers’ pay revolt is hugely welcome. It shows how there is real anger in society and working class fury can explode unexpectedly, often outside the official channels of the labour movement.

We can still fight Israel


What are the roots of antisemitism?

Antisemitism belongs to the right. That’s a simple and straightforward fact. But it’s an important argument in the face of attempts to cast the whole of left wing politics as tarnished with antisemitism.

Make rich pay for care

The Tories are looking to any avenue to solve the crisis in adult social care—without taxing the rich.

Tories won’t tackle racism—they’ll fuel it

The government’s lie that it’s “committed to tackling racism” has been exposed once again. The Metropolitan Police has increased its use of stop and search powers. 

Fight the claim that the left is antisemitic 

The renewed assault on the left is bigger than Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Disgraceful accusations of antisemitism are flung almost indiscriminately at the whole of the left.

Tories’ pitiful ‘green’ plan is completely inadequate

The government’s latest ‘green’ economic recovery plan is a cover for policies that benefit polluting big businesses writes Nick Clark

Hypocrisy from the top over China's oppressed Uyghur minority

British politicians have suddenly discovered they’re passionate defenders of human rights again.

Fight for more than the Tories’ puny pay deal

Don’t listen to the noise coming from the Treasury, the Tories are doing their best to hammer workers into the ground. 

Huawei ban is about West’s tech control

The Tories last week announced the removal of Chinese technology firm Huawei from Britain’s new 5G network

Unmasking Tory chaos

The government has announced that wearing face masks in shops will be compulsory in England from 24 July.

Don’t look to Starmer to resist the Tories

Here’s a forensic look at some of the big moments of Keir Starmer’s first 100 days as Labour leader.

Movements will mean trouble for Trump

Donald Trump’s reaction to the two major crises in US politics has been to play to the most racist, reactionary sections of society. But it doesn’t look like it’s working for him.

Cops reflect racism from the top of society

The police are to face a review into allegations of racial profiling. They must be found guilty

Tories’ care home lies

 Tory prime minister Boris Johnson has begun the process of passing the blame for the coronavirus crisis. 

Virus, slump and racism show up system failure

The Polish‑German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg warned that capitalism gives us a choice between “socialism or barbarism”. We need to choose—and fight for—socialism. 

New Tory handouts will only help bosses

Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak was set to deliver his summer statement on Wednesday this week. It was expected to include a raft of measures in an attempt to prop up the British economy. 

Korean War showed up imperialist barbarism

The ‘forgotten war’ that began 70 years ago wrecked a country so that big powers could grab more influence, writes Sophie Squire

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