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Stafford Cripps - a one-time Labour radical who was a turncoat twice over

Simon Basketter continues our series of columns on the Labour Party with a look at one of its lesser-known radicals

Labour right has no clue on beating the Tories

Jeremy Corbyn’s critics inside the Labour Party have perfected missing the point.

Theresa May’s first war as bombs drop on Libya

Politicians have learned nothing from the Chilcot report.

The useless Labour right is flailing into a slow-motion split

The Labour right are a puzzle. How come they are simultaneously so venomous towards Jeremy Corbyn and, as John McDonnell famously put it, so “useless”?

Don't compromise with the Labour right

The leader of the Labour Party called on his supporters last week to join him in building a “social movement” that can force change through parliament.

Capitalism's growing pains

Young adults in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa are on average 5cm shorter than their counterparts 40 years ago, revealed an extraordinary study released this week.

May’s new cabinet faces old problems

Commentators were quick to identify the contradiction in Theresa May’s new government. As Robert Peston put it, “her rhetoric is more left wing than Cameron’s was, her cabinet is more right wing than his was.”

Marxism and oppression - do we say 'class first, race later?'

The Institute of Race Relations has published its journal Race and Class highlighting the fight against racism in post-war Britain.

Real change comes when the masses act

For our rulers, ordinary people are best seen and not heard. They want us to accept politics as a spectator sport, and to take as little part in it as possible.

Donald Trump - a sign of decay in US politics

The US Republican Party convention, which took place this week, paints a terrifying picture of US politics at its worst.

We must overcome the dangerous divisions in the working class

The Brexit referendum revealed a united ruling class and a divided working class. A few eccentrics aside, big business backed Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). They are now united in mourning the result of the vote.

Uptick of struggle reflects a political crisis in the US

Alistair Farrow spoke to activists from the US about the growing movement against racist attacks—and for a better system

Our rulers’ crisis is no spectator sport

Britain’s rulers breathed a sigh of relief when Theresa May became prime minister without the need for a vote. But don’t believe everything is now calm.

Tory leaders are no friend of women

Theresa May has made the Tory party the most progressive party in Britain according to right wing newspapers.

Iraq Poem by Alan Gibbons

Author and campaigner Alan Gibbons sent Socialist Worker this poem yesterday, in the wake of the publication of the Chilcot report.

Blair’s Iraq war—a disaster on all sides

The evil influence that Tony Blair exerts on British politics has been on display as his creatures in the Parliamentary Labour Party mount their coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

Put capital on trial

Three bankers were found guilty of manipulating global interest rates this week.

Don’t let the elite’s crisis go to waste

Boris Johnson and Ukip politician Nigel Farage have followed David Cameron into the sunset.

After the EU vote - where do ideas come from and how do they change?

Marxism can help explain why some workers have racist ideas and how that can change, writes Alistair Farrow

Empires are weaker after the shock of Brexit split

The vote to leave the European Union (EU) last week hasn’t just plunged the Tories and British ruling class into crisis. It has struck a blow against US imperialism and the EU bosses’ club, which imposes austerity across the continent.

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