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As Tories fight - we need a vision of a left Brexit

it’s never a good sign for a prime minister when they are forced to say they have “full confidence” in their chancellor only a few weeks after appointing him.

Ched Evans retrial - process will discourage women from reporting rape

Footballer Ched Evans was found not guilty of rape last week, following a retrial after his conviction for rape in 2012.

Angry at society? Let’s fight for a better one

There is a deep bitterness in British society. Every serious analysis of the vote for Britain to exit the European Union (EU) concedes that the Leave vote was fuelled, at least partially, by anger.

Cops’ filth won’t wash

More former police officers have spoken out against the policing of striking miners during the 1984 Battle of Orgreave.

Ukip’s been floored—but is it a killer blow?

Nigel Farage’s party should have been careful what it wished for. Sadie Robinson diagnoses the racists’ post-Brexit headaches

Theresa May shifts to the right—but makes new enemies

Theresa May used last week’s Tory conference in Birmingham to shift her party and her government sharply to the right.

Deutsche Bank— the profit unarmed

Deutsche Bank has symbolised German capitalism ever since its foundation in 1870, on the eve of Germany’s unification.

Troops let off the leash to inflict more brutality

Theresa May pledged this week to “put an end to the industry of vexatious claims” against soldiers under human rights law.

Labour’s racism ruse

Activist Jackie Walker was removed as the vice chair of Labour left group Momentum on Monday.

The big powers' UN squabble reveals their phoney tears for syria

The US, Britain and Russia squabbled at the United Nations on Monday about who was to blame for the latest atrocities in Syria.

Don’t pass up chance to mobilise the fight against the Tory austerity

When Tory leader Theresa May moved into Downing Street, the pundits claimed that the Tory splits had been healed.

Best of both worlds is a dangerous illusion for Labour left

An important discussion took place at the Momentum event in Liverpool last weekend on Parliamentary Socialism in the 21st Century.

British bombs helped end ceasefire in syria

The shaky ceasefire in Syria has collapsed after just a week. British forces played their role in continuing the suffering of people in Syria.

A band of biased brothers—the media and Corbyn

Two major TV programmes attacking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters aired this week.

Union backing for Hinkley Point could cost the earth

The decision to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset is a disaster for safety, the environment and workers’ living standards.

Labour purges show limits of reformism

Labour’s long history of expulsions is ultimately driven by the party’s focus on parliament, writes Nick Clark

Divisions over grammar schools show splits in the Tory Party

As the weeks go by, we are beginning to get a picture of what kind of prime minister Theresa May will be.

Cameron got away with murder—don't let May

David Cameron has followed his humiliating resignation as prime minister by announcing he is resigning as an MP. Good riddance!

The system needs sexism—fight to get rid of it

Two reports this week showed how girls and young women are being failed by the system.

Should Labour MPs face reselection?

What could happen when activists push for right wing MPs to be replaced by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, asks Nick Clark

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