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Labour purges show limits of reformism

Labour’s long history of expulsions is ultimately driven by the party’s focus on parliament, writes Nick Clark

Divisions over grammar schools show splits in the Tory Party

As the weeks go by, we are beginning to get a picture of what kind of prime minister Theresa May will be.

Cameron got away with murder—don't let May

David Cameron has followed his humiliating resignation as prime minister by announcing he is resigning as an MP. Good riddance!

The system needs sexism—fight to get rid of it

Two reports this week showed how girls and young women are being failed by the system.

Should Labour MPs face reselection?

What could happen when activists push for right wing MPs to be replaced by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, asks Nick Clark

G20 rulers can’t fix their failing system

The G20 summit this week is a good test of the mood among the ruling classes of the world. It brings together leaders and central bankers from 20 major economies that collectively account for 85 percent of global production and 80 percent of world trade.

Socialist Worker Appeal—why we're asking for your money

Every pound will strengthen a socialist paper at the heart of the resistance

The Tories can be beaten - but only if we fight

The Tories marked their return from a long summer holiday by doing what they do best—whipping up racism and fighting among themselves.

Why we won't miss Keith Vaz

Socialists have no interest in individuals’ private consensual sexual choices. Indeed if Labour MP Keith Vaz has a wider sexual spectrum than he previously showed in public it is the one nice thing you could say about him.

Blame capitalism not socialism for Venezuela's crisis

The right argue that if we vote for a socialist such as Jeremy Corbyn then Britain will end up like Venezuela. But Venezuela’s problem isn’t too much socialism—it’s not enough.

Good Riddance to TTIP

Senior politicians who still claim that the TTIP trade deal is on track are becoming hard to find.

The fight for a better society is no utopian fantasy

Every socialist dreams of winning a better and fairer world, one which isn’t run in the interests of the rich. But that doesn’t mean our dreams are simply “fantasy” as former Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls suggested this week.

Socialists and Labour series

Links to all our articles in this series

Caster Semenya's success should be celebrated, not denigrated

South African athlete Caster Semenya won the women’s 800 metre gold medal at the Olympics.

We should drop the Nato warmongers’ alliance

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn struck fear into Britain’s rulers when he said he would avoid war if a Nato ally was attacked.

George Lansbury was loved - but it wasn’t enough for the union leaders

George Lansbury went from campaigner to Labour leader only to be brought down by his own side, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The Tories fear Brexit - we need to shape it

The left must start to contest the debate about what will happen when Britain leaves the European Union (EU). At the moment the argument is dominated by competing right wing visions.

Don't forget the message of Marikana

This week four years ago South African police gunned down 34 striking mine workers at the Lonmin corporation’s Marikana mine.

Trotsky was right - we need a revolution

Tom Watson’s dossier on “Trotsky entryists” into the Labour Party has been used as an attack on the whole left.

Why the Labour right love to twist the truth about Trotsky

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is hardly the first to use Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky as a cheap insult.

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