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Amilcar Cabral—armed struggle and national liberation

Amilcar Cabral, a fighter for national independence and social change in one of Africa’s smallest countries, became an international hero in the 1960s. He remains an inspiration for many African socialists today.

How cars drive us to disaster

Much of the world that we live in has been built or adapted to accommodate cars. Nick Clark investigates how they became such an essential part of capitalism—and asks, in the midst of a climate crisis, whether it’s time to pull them over once and for all

Tech can’t replace every worker

Amazon’s new cashier-less supermarkets seem to raise a vision of a capitalism without workers. But bosses can’t get rid of us that easily

Why struggle is more important than parliament

For the Labour left the movements outside of parliament are important but always secondary. Nick Clark explains why the party holds even its most militant members back

No job, no jab rules puts us all at risk

Across the world, governments are ramping up class war by forcing people out of work if they haven’t been vaccinated against Covid. Socialist Worker says the new rules don’t protect people—they divert anger away from a ruling class that failed to protect people from the pandemic

‘I’m terrified,’ say students on returning to universities

British universities have started opening their doors and the Tories are insistent on in person teaching.

Why Cop will fail the planet

The Cop conference being held in Glasgow next month comes at a crucial juncture in the fight against climate chaos.

The power of the working class today

Jane Hardy’s new book, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains, argues despite bosses best efforts to stop workers' resistance, hope is not lost. She spoke to Nick Clark

Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore

As Chinese real estate giant Evergrande teeters on the edge, pundits are speculating whether its collapse could pull down the global economy. Socialist Worker looks at what’s behind the crisis

Individuals and collectives—can I make a difference?

We often hear the idea that history is made by great acts from great individuals. Simon Basketter explores this idea and the strengths and weaknesses of individual activism

Is German social democracy back from the dead?

Until very recently, Germany’s Labour‑type SPD looked out for the count. Now, with a right wing leader, it looks set to come top in the coming general election. But behind this apparent revival is a crisis for all mainstream parties

Why the US right attack abortion

Abortion rights have been hard fought for in the US. Now some of these rights are under ferocious assault. Isabel Ringrose explores a history of resistance and shows why the right’s view on abortion is complicated

Who cares—the reality for social care workers

Long hours and low pay, services collapsing after years of cuts, thousands of unfilled vacancies, needs of the cared for ignored. Socialist Worker talks to frontline care workers about what’s gone wrong

Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror

Socialist Worker looks at the destruction wrought by two decades of wars, lifts the lid on the torture that accompanied it, and addresses the Islamophobia that was used to justify it all

Migrants, shortages and wages

Some on the left say reduced numbers of migrant workers led pay to rise. Charlie Kimber argues the real cause of low wages and terrible conditions has been the failure of unions to fight for better

Hurricane Katrina—class, race and climate change

As flash flooding and tornadoes hit the north-east United States, Sophie Squire looks at the lessons from Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

Feminism, bombs and liberation

Lies are being spun that most Afghan women’s lives improved under the US occupation. Judy Cox explores the reality for Afghan women after 20 years of war

Climate change—voices from the Global South

Wildfires across southern Europe focused attention on climate change, just as reports showed how Earth is heading for disaster. But the Global South got barely a mention. Socialist Worker spoke to activists in Asia and Africa about how the crisis is affecting the less developed world

Afghanistan—first the Russians, then the US

Afghanistan has suffered through 43 years of war as a result of a series of imperialist interventions. Revulsion at that is the central reason why Kabul and the country’s other major cities were captured by the Taliban in such a short space of time.

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