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Nicolae Ceausescu—death of brutal dictator was a Christmas gift

Stalinist regimes across Eastern Europe fell in 1989, but Romania was the icing on the Xmas cake says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Capitalism and climate—the system’s recipe for disaster

Climate change is creating extreme weather events that put food production at risk. To deal with it we have to challenge and transform a food system that is run for profit, writes Sarah Bates

How they fight back in France

After years of attacks on pay, pensions and living standards, ordinary people in France have had enough. Huge strikes—the most significant wave of workers’ action since 1995— should be an inspiration to everyone, says Charlie Kimber

Politics, bias and the media

TV, print and online media exposed its pro-Tory sentiment during this year’s general election campaign. Nick Clark looks at why this is whether it can be resisted

Why does China persecute the Uyghur Muslims?

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the history of nationalism behind China’s racist horror

UCU strikers say, ‘the future of higher education is at stake’

More than 43,000 lecturers and other university staff returned to a strike this week in a battle over pay, pensions, conditions and contracts.

World leaders are floating on a sea of climate lies

As governments prepare for COP 2019 global gathering, Sarah Bates analyses the climate talks

1974 Labour government shows voting left isn't enough

Jeremy Corbyn’s radical manifesto isn’t the first time that Labour has pledged to take on the rich. Charlie Kimber looks at how this played out for the 1974 government

Harriet Tubman - freedom fighter

Ahead of a new film telling the story of Harriet Tubman, the escaped slave who helped others on their way to freedom, Socialist Worker celebrates the life of a legend

Ten years of austerity - the brutal reality of Tory rule

A decade of Tory rule has slashed key services, savaged spending and driven more people into poverty. And if they aren’t kicked out, life for working class people is set to get worse, report Sarah Bates and Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Cracks in US ruling class are chance to dump Donald Trump

US establishment figures hope they can impeach Trump over ‘Ukrainegate’. We need to go beyond their narrow differences, writes Gabby Thorpe

Rising up for higher education - UCU activists on why they are striking back

A revolt is brewing on university campuses across Britain as UCU union members—lecturers, researchers and support staff—prepare for eight days of strikes over pay and pensions later this month.

Will fake news win the general election?

Mainstream pundits are in a tizz over misinformation on the web. But as Nick Clark argues, lying in the media isn’t new—and the key thing isn’t what it says, but what we do

Addaction—fighting the charities taking over health services that won’t pay up

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at what a strike at a rehabilitation service says about the health service

When the wall came tumbling down

So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind

Grenfell—still no reckoning for the real culprits

The Tory politicians and housing bosses responsible for the murder of 72 people in the Grenfell fire avoided the spotlight in the inquiry’s report last week

Exploring a world in rebellion

With huge anti-government movements erupting across the globe, Sadie Robinson looks the root cause of these protests and how these struggles have the potential to win

‘I could’ve been one of the 39 who died’—refugees speak out over lorry deaths

The horrific deaths of 39 people found in the back of a lorry in Essex brought back terrible memories for many refugees.

Whose streets? Our streets! Why it matters to fight for control of our space to resist

As disruption flares up around the globe, Simon Basketter looks at how the architecture of cities, institutions and the system is designed to dampen dissent—but how these can face a radical challenge from below

The Kurds—a history of agony

The Kurds once again find themselves under attack and under pressure from imperial powers

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