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The Paris Commune—a workers’ democracy

The Paris Commune, where workers briefly took power and created the first workers’ government, was born 150 years ago this month.

Fukushima—a nuclear warning

It’s ten years since two disasters compromised one of the largest nuclear plants in the world. It showed that nuclear power can never be safe, says Martin Empson

The Egyptian Revolution—could things have been different?

The strength of the Egyptian Revolution pushed dictator Hosni Mubarak from his presidential position in just 18 days.

Larissa Reisner—dispatches from the front line of the revolution

Larissa Reisner fought to defend the Russian Revolution. Now a new translation of her reports brings that fight to life

Blood money—how wealth created by slavery bankrolled capitalist Britain

The rich who gained from slavery hope talking up their charitable investments will help them escape people’s anger. But as Isabel Ringrose argues, they grabbed obscene amounts of money through the slave trade and in compensation—and they should be forced to pay for it

Workers won’t benefit if Covid and racism drive out migrants

Reports have found that large numbers of migrants are leaving Britain. It’s all caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic—and a punishing immigration system, argues Sam Ord

Sunak’s budget will bring cuts, poverty and unemployment

The Tories are preparing to plunge many more working class people into poverty and despair. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is under pressure to keep measures that support ordinary people in this week’s budget.

Rosa Luxemburg—reform is not enough

Rosa Luxemburg, born 150 years ago this week, fought reformist ideas to argue for revolution. Isabel Ringrose looks at what her economic writings contributed to Marxist ideas

The Egyptian Revolution—revolts can spread to win change

The 2011 revolt in Egypt inspired struggles across the globe. Sophie Squire explains why internationalism is key to winning socialism

The Black Panthers and the revenge of the revolution

In a packed hall in downtown Chicago in 1969 Black Panther founder Bobby Seale stood alongside local leader Fred Hampton. He was making a speech to a newly established district of the party.

Bill Gates won’t save us from climate disaster

In a new book, Bill Gates claims competition is the solution to climate crises. He shouldn’t be trusted

Pride, Politics and Protest—a new pamphlet on how to end LGBT+ oppression

The central theme of the new pamphlet Pride, Politics and Protest—A Revolutionary Guide to LGBT+ Liberation is that people have the power to end oppression.

The Egyptian Revolution—A glimpse of what democracy could look like

The Egyptian Revolution was the result of the coming together of two forces—those of the street with those of the workplace. And in both, the question of democracy was crucial.

Overseas university students starved by racist rules during coronavirus pandemic

International students were encouraged to come to Britain despite the pandemic, so universities could make money from them. Now lockdowns, job cuts and a lack of support have left many struggling to survive, reports Sophie Squire

Myanmar and the fight for democracy

The streets crammed to bursting with protesters. Groups of chanting students snaking through the crowds with improvised banners against the military government.

‘The Tories don’t care about our children’s safety’

Ruthba goes to work every day in a sector that’s “filled with fear” and where “stress levels are through the roof”.

Why the protests in Russia?

Huge demonstrations in Russia are a challenge to Vladimir Putin’s regime. They reflect decades of failures by neoliberal and Stalinist regimes—and deserve much better leadership

The Egyptian Revolution—how the unity of revolt broke down old divides

Oppressed groups were central to the struggle

Asylum seeker in Kent army barracks speaks out—‘We are locked up in hell’

The Tories have corralled hundreds of refugees into a disused army barracks in Kent. Darius told Isabel Ringrose about the appalling conditions inside the place that is ‘not suitable for a human being’

A letter from Russian socialists in the struggle

At the end of January, large protests took place in all of Russia’s major cities. This has sparked interest not only within the country but around the world.

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