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Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves

Bloody history shows why and how we need to keep imperialist hands off Venezuela

How the dying British Empire tore India in half—and how it could have been stopped

Seventy years ago this week the British Empire left India after decades of brutal rule

Capital—a vampire at work

The first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital was published a century and a half ago. Joseph Choonara, author of a new reader’s guide to the work, explains its relevance today

Our terrified rulers spread lies to undermine revolution

Fearing that they would also be toppled, ruling classes across the world organised to crush the Russian Revolution of 1917

Does the fight for workers’ power mean dictatorship?

The ruling class won’t allow a socialist society to develop, so workers need their own instruments of class rule

Russian Revolution gave a glimpse of how we can uproot women’s oppression

Russia’s revolution showed there can be no women’s liberation without socialism, and no socialism without women’s liberation

Lewisham 1977 - forty years on from when we smashed the Nazi National Front

Forty years ago this week thousands of protesters blocked a Nazi march in south east London—and made history.

Venezuela, struggle and the left

As right wing opposition to Venezuela’s government grows, Andy Brown spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about the forces on the ground and the potential to change society

Taking up the fight against the local authority cuts

As Bristol’s mayor calls for protest against Tory austerity, Sadie Robinson looks at the fight against council cuts

The scramble to save the treasure of the Tsars

After revolution overthrew Russia’s ruling Tsars, a lucrative industry grew around relics of the old regime

GALLERY - Photographs of the Battle of Lewisham in 1977 against the Nazi National Front

Photographs of anti-fascist protest Lewisham 1977. To reproduce these images contact

The horror of Passchendaele couldn’t stop rebellion

The Battle of Passchendaele, which began 100 years ago this week, could be seen as just another bloody episode in the slaughter of the First World War.

Serco - the world is not enough

A gigantic octopus that straddles the globe has wrapped its tentacle around the NHS. Its grip grows tighter and tighter.

Detroit 1967 - five days of riots against the cops when the motorcity was burning

Fifty years ago Detroit, the Motorcity, exploded in five days of rioting. The uprising marked the end of the Civil Rights era and the birth of Black Power

‘Bread, peace and land’ connected peasants with workers in the Russian Revolution

The question of how the revolutionary party relates to all groups in society remains relevant for the struggle today

How can we save the planet and stop catastrophic climate change?

Capitalism generates environmental damage and climate chaos—but we have the power to stop it by transforming the world, author Ian Angus explained to Dave Sewell

The July Days - Russian Revolution in crisis and a critical test for the Bolshevik party

In July 1917 frustration at the Provisional Government led to soldiers’ and workers’ protests that were violently put down

As support grows for Corbyn while Tory crisis deepens - now the left can win more

The general election delivered the latest shock to the ruling class. Charlie Kimber says there is a shifting mood in Britain—and asks how we can organise to win real changes

Fed up and fighting back - the health workers defying multinational Serco

Low-paid and migrant workers are at the sharp end of cuts and privatisation in the NHS. They face rocketing workloads and bullying bosses. But across north east London 1,000 porters, domestics and cleaners are taking on a multinational to demand higher pay—and showing how to fight, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Workers’ revolution ushered in an era of sexual liberation

For the rights of LGBT+ people and women, revolutionary Russia was decades ahead of its time—and shows what is possible when workers unite

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