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Lesvos—a hellhole for refugees created by racism

Some 20,000 refugees are trapped in the tiny Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Nick Clark spoke to some of those in the camp about the reality of life there—and to anti-racist activists about how they have organised solidarity. Photographs by Guy Smallman

U.S. Democrats will not bring real change

Time and again radical movements for change have looked to the Democrats to fight for them, but have being bitterly betrayed. Tomáš Tengely-Evans and Gabby Thorpe argue today’s activists must not make the same mistake

Covid-19 - a virus that exposes the system’s failures

The coronavirus, like all serious epidemics, reveals capitalism’s priorities and shows us why it cannot protect us. Socialist and scientist John Parrington talked to Socialist Worker about the current crisis

Sex, gender and women’s liberation

The reality of women’s oppression is all around us. For all the advances won by resistance and struggle, capitalist society is riven with deeply entrenched sexism—unequal pay, ­sexual harassment, attacks on reproductive rights and objectification.

Bernie Sanders, the Democrats and the fears of the US establishment

Key elections are coming for the Democratic Party nomination for US president. Can Bernie Sanders win, and what will this signify?

Their free speech and ours

As debates rage on the left over whose opinions should we allow to be heard, the right pose as free speech defenders to justify bigotry. Simon Basketter speaks his mind

Flooding victims say ‘help came too late’

Climate catastrophe is here—and it’s causing storms and other forms of extreme weather

As UCU members prepare for walkouts - why everyone should back this vital strike

Sadie Robinson spoke to activists building the fight for equality and against neoliberal education, and urges everyone to get behind the strikers and their dispute

The fight for women’s freedom 50 years ago

A landmark conference 50 years ago this month helped to boost struggles for women’s liberation

Capitalism—a system rigged for oil

Multinational bosses plan to keep pumping out more oil and gas—despite climate catastrophe. Sarah Bates looks at why we have to keep fossil fuels in the ground and why the industry is so central to how capitalism operates

Who are Sinn Fein?

As counting begins in the Irish elections, Socialist Worker wishes the best to Solidarity-People Before Profit. With Sinn Fein neck and neck for top spot according to exit polls, Simon Basketter looks at the party’s history.

Yalta 1945—how they carved up the globe

Seventy five years ago, a cabal of world leaders crafted a secret plan to divide up Europe. Socialist Worker looks at how workers’ resistance forced their hand

No ‘peace or prosperity’ in Palestine

US president Donald Trump unveiled his ‘deal of the century’ for ‘peace’ in Palestine last week. His plan will entrench occupation and leave Israel in charge, writes Nick Clark

Brexit—is it all over?

As Britain leaves the European Union, Sophie Squire and Sarah Bates look at the problems that lie ahead for the Tories, big business and Labour

The fight for trans rights

A new book by Laura Miles looks at the origins of trans people’s oppression, and what socialists should say. Tomáš Tengely-Evans read it—and says you should too

‘At the core of the Holocaust was an industrial killing system’—75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz

Author and poet Michael Rosen spoke to Socialist Worker on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Why do the royals still reign?

As scandals and splits tear chunks out of the royal family, Simon Basketter looks at what keeps them in place—and why the people who actually rule us still want them

Behind the push for war with Iran

Decades of Western imperialism in the Middle East lie behind the latest crisis

Engels showed how humans change the world

Gabby Thorpe is impressed by Camilla Royle’s new book on the life and work of Engels—a key contributor to Marxism

How the rich and powerful let Australia burn

The Australian wildfires show the terrifying reality of catastrophic climate change

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