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Europe—the struggle against the right

Socialists from across Europe on the success of the right—and the tasks for the left

The politics of the D-Day landings

As the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings sees politicians commemorate the events Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the horrific reality of the Second World War

Fight for Green New Deal—but don’t stop there

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at a new series of demands making waves in the environmental movement

Can growth be good?

Growth is central to capitalism, but the expansion of production can be organised to protect people and the planet if it is coupled with radical change, argues Simon Basketter

Resisting Trump’s war on women

The United States is a dangerous place to be a woman. An onslaught of laws has chipped away at abortion rights since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president two and a half years ago.

Battleground North West—the fight to stop Nazi Tommy Robinson

Nazi Tommy Robinson is waging a war to become North West England’s next MEP. Tomáš Tengely-Evans reports on the campaign to stop him

South African elections show need for struggle

The ruling ANC did badly in South Africa’s elections this week. Charlie Kimber says building up resistance is the way forward

The truth about Tommy Robinson

See the full Socialist Worker dossier here

How do we build a climate movement that wins?

The only chance of stopping catastrophic climate change is with a ­“revolutionary transformation of our politics”, according to campaigner Roger Hallam

The rising in 1820 was a challenge to the state

The Radical War in Scotland two centuries ago saw a mass strike movement, plans for armed rebellion—and then bitter government repression, writes Charlie McKinnon

How we can win a real say

What does democracy looks like? And who creates it?

Can the world go carbon free?

How can we win Extinction Rebellion's key demands?

Algeria’s fights for freedom

Algerians had to fight a brutal war for independence. But the struggle for freedom didn’t end when the nationalists kicked out the French in 1962, writes Alistair Farrow

Southall ’79, when the police killed Blair Peach

The Nazi National Front came to the heart of the Asian community in West London on 23 April 1979. They wanted to humiliate but instead provoked rebellion. Rampaging police arrested scores, injured many and murdered Blair Peach. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks back at the crucial battle

Driving out the homeless

People in desperate housing need are being forced to live in an old office block next to the North Circular road, a six lane motorway that loops through north London.

Algeria - conquest by France

Algeria's revolt has been shaped by a history of imperialism and revolution. As part of a new series, Alistair Farrow looks at the French conquest from the 1830s to the 1950s

Amritsar—A very British massacre

Hundreds killed, thousands injured and bodies piled on top of each other. Socialist Worker tells the story of one of the bloodiest crimes committed by the British Empire in India

Heading for extinction?

 The “sixth mass extinction” poses a deadly threat to future of humans, animals, plants—and the future of the planet. Sarah Bates looks at what’s behind the world-wide destruction of the natural world—and how we can fight to stop it

Genocide in Rwanda—25 years on

Horrific killings 25 years ago were rooted in colonialism, economic crisis and scapegoating

Pay to play—Developers conspire to segregate playgrounds between rich and poor

A scandal over access to a communal play area has raised wider questions about the ownership of public space under capitalism, writes Alistair Farrow

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