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Winston Churchill - a brutal bully and racist who was rightly hated by many

US right winger Mike Huckabee emerged from the latest Churchill film, Darkest Hour, to declare, “Churchill was hated by his own party, opposition party, and press."

A newly published book by Clara Zetkin on fascism gives a stark warning for today

Socialist Clara Zetkin’s analysis of fascism in the 1920s can help us today, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Freedom of speech for all?

The Tories are apparently desperate to defend free speech. Universities minister Jo Johnson has appointed odious free schools fanatic Toby Young to head up a new Office for Students.

Iran in revolt - Iranian socialists on what sparked the protests and why they matter

Nick Clark spoke to two Iranian socialists, Nima Soltanzadeh and Massoud, about what lies behind the recent protests—and what they mean for the struggle

Alexander Hamilton—an enemy of the working class

As the hit musical gets rave reviews in the West End, Anthony Hamilton looks at the truth behind the other Hamilton—a racist and a capitalist class fighter

Symptom of a sick society

If you’re experiencing mental distress, the problem might be capitalism. A new book by Iain Ferguson looks at the struggles around mental health, writes Sarah Bates

1968—when the world caught fire

The year 1968 was a watershed in world history. Mass movements shook governments to their foundations. People on opposite sides of the globe took inspiration from each other’s struggles.

‘This is no time to retreat’ - an interview with Kim Moody

Do workers still have power to fight the bosses—and if so, how can they use it? Author Kim Moody spoke to Charlie Kimber about his new book on the potential for resistance

The First Intifada—30 years since Palestinians rose up against Israel

Palestinian resistance organisation Hamas called for an intifada—uprising—after Donald Trump described Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last week. It came on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the first intifada.

The revolution didn’t have to lead to a new ruling class

The victory of Joseph Stalin’s counter revolution and the rise of a bureaucracy that exploited workers was not inevitable

China on collision course?

China could be on the road to consolidating its rise into a world capitalist superpower. Dave Sewell looks at what its Belt and Road Initiative means for globalisation—and imperialism

The Clerkenwell explosion, and why the Fenians mattered

One hundred and fifty years ago, Irish revolutionaries carried out the largest terrorist attack in 19th century Britain.

Civil War laid the basis for the end of the Russian Revolution

The bloodshed of the civil war shows that the ruling class will do anything to stop revolution

Britain's colonial crimes in Zimbabwe

How the crimes of imperialists shaped Zimbabwe's history

The great ‘Trojan Horse’ hoax

A new book uncovers how the Tories used the Birmingham schools Trojan Horse ‘scandal’ to push an Islamophobic agenda

Workers needed to seize power in 1917 or risk defeat

Some critics argue that the Russian Revolution was ‘premature’—but there was no time to lose

Is Putin pulling the strings?

Politicians and commentators seem to think anything that goes wrong can be blamed on Russian spybots on Twitter. But the truth is scarier still, warns Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The Tories’ Brexit carry-on—a guide to the EU Withdrawal Bill

The big cheeses in the Tory party are in a pickle over their EU Withdrawal Bill. But what’s the fuss about—and what would the bill mean for workers and migrants? Dave Sewell investigates

Brest-Litovsk peace talks showed the generals' thirst for war

Ending the First World War was a major priority for the new soviet government after the October Revolution in Russia—but not everyone wanted peace

Has the fight against sexual harassment reached a tipping point?

Women are speaking out over sexual harassment and a discrimination. Sarah Bates argues it is capitalism’s failure to deliver on its promises of equality, and resistance by women, that lies behind this recharged fightback

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