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Revolution and war in Spain in 1936 - a battle that could have been won

This month marks 80 years since fascist General Franco’s coup in Spain sparked resistance that quickly turned to revolt. Socialist Worker looks at how it could have won

Putting our class on the screen - an interview with Tony Garnett

Tony Garnett, producer of Cathy Come Home, talks to Sadie Robinson about battling BBC bosses, representing working class life and why we need socialist change

Anti-war movement was right on Iraq

The Chilcot report into the Iraq war was set to be published this Wednesday. It is expected to expose the lies the West used to wage war on Iraq in 2003. But millions of people at the time saw through the lies and joined one of the biggest movements Britain has ever seen. Judith Orr tells the story

Don’t give racists the credit for the Leave vote

Caricaturing the EU vote abandons half the working class to the racist right

Brexit vote was a revolt against the rich

The vote to leave the European Union last week defied the establishment and revealed a deep disaffection towards a system that has failed working class people, argues Charlie Kimber

Slaughter at the Somme—100 years on

One of the most horrific battles of the First World War began 100 years ago this week. Michael Bradley looks back at the causes of the carnage

Convoy to Calais - solidarity and anger as French authorities clamp down

Hundreds of vehicles set out to give solidarity to refugees in Calais last Saturday. But the convoy was banned by the French authorities, reports Dave Sewell, pictures Guy Smallman

How can we win sexual liberation?

On the first Pride demonstration in London in 1972 cops openly shouted homophobic abuse and were aggressive towards the 2,000 marchers.

An anti-racist, anti-austerity and socialist case to vote Leave

The EU is racist and beyond reform. A Leave vote would mean a double crisis—for the Tories and the ruling class

The children that rocked apartheid—forty years since the Soweto Uprising

Forty years ago this week the South African township of Soweto, near Johannesburg, exploded in revolt. School students defied the might of the apartheid state .

Fuel on the fire - striking Le Havre oil workers speak out against bosses' Work Law

Striking oil workers against the Labour-type government’s proposed Work Law have cut off crucial fuel supplies at a key choke point for French capitalism.

Remain or Leave—the left debates different visions of Europe (Video)

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, debates Joseph Choonara from the SWP and Lexit—the left leave campaign

Syrian refugees speak out - 'We are continuing the tradition of the Syrian revolution'

Syrian refugees face repression and danger but they are fighting back. Two refugees told Socialist Worker that facing up to the counter-revolution in Syria showed them how to resist

World in turmoil and workers' struggles fuel interest in socialism

Hundreds have been debating the way forward for the left at a series of rallies organised by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Alistair Farrow listened to the debate in Birmingham

The seafarers' strike of 1966—hope betrayed by Labour

The 1966 seafarers’ strike was a key test for the left wing rhetoric of Harold Wilson’s Labour government —a test it failed by attacking workers, argues Simon Basketter

The only way is Essex? White flight myths and the East End

A BBC documentary this Tuesday says that “Cockney culture” in London’s East End is dying out—and that Muslims and migrants are to blame. East End resident Tomáš Tengely-Evans sorts the fact from the fiction

Exit stage left - why we oppose the EU

Socialists and anticapitalists come out fighting to put their own case against the bosses’ European Union at an international rally in London last week, reports Alistair Farrow

Are robots taking all our jobs?

As robots begin to do more of the jobs traditionally done by people, Tomáš Tengely-Evans asks if the relationship between worker and machine has fundamentally changed

Beating back the blacklisters - why construction workers are fighting on

A group of construction workers has won millions of pounds in compensation from eight construction firms this week.

From no place to our place—five hundred years of Utopia

On the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia, Hassan Mahamdallie looks through history at how people’s dreams of a better society were born

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