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Black Lives strike hits 160 cities across US

Workers’ action on Monday showed the anger at racism and poor conditions, says Sophie Squire

Struggle wins pay rise from Macron, but health workers in France protest for more

Mass demonstrations, strikes and consistent campaigning have forced the French government to give a pay rise to health workers.

Record rises in global coronavirus cases warn against a return to ‘normal’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded two consecutive record daily increases in coronavirus cases across the globe on Friday and Saturday.

Response to Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria treats ordinary people as ‘expendable’

The Australian state of Victoria recorded 363 new coronavirus cases on Saturday amid growing anger at how the authorities are failing to protect people.

Millions threatened by a famine driven by the coronavirus

The World Health Organisation recorded a record number of global cases on Sunday.

Right only narrowly win in Polish presidential elections

Right-wing president Andrzej Duda took 51.03 percent of the vote to narrowly beat liberal Rafał Trzaskowski who took 48.97 percent in the second round of the Polish presidential elections last Sunday.

US ‘Strike for black lives’ called as details emerge of George Floyd’s killing

A coalition of trade unions and campaign groups in the US is organising a “strike for black lives,” set for Monday 20 July.

International round up: Israel stalls annexation

Israel stalled plans to annexe huge chunks of the Palestinian West Bank last week.

Global Covid-19 cases rise sharply after states lift lockdowns

More than 11 million people across the globe have now been infected by Covid-19.

Mass demonstrations defy draconian new laws in Hong Kong

Thousands of demonstrators defied the new law and a police ban on protests by chanting pro-independence slogans and waving independence flags

Huge protests in Sudan to ‘correct the path of revolution’

Hundreds of thousands of protesters—perhaps a million in all—poured on to the streets of Sudan

French voters punish Macron as greens and fascists gain

The fascist National Rally (RN) won the position of mayor of Perpignan in the second round of municipal elections in France on Sunday.

Bosses’ coalition takes over in Ireland

It’s a desperate attempt to maintain the old set-up after it was rejected by voters earlier this year

Stand with the Palestinians against Israeli annexation

Israel looked set to begin moves to annexe up to a third of the Palestinian West Bank from Wednesday of this week.

Trump’s drive to end lockdown is behind growing catastrophe in US

The death toll from Covid-19 surpassed 128,000 in the US on Monday

A warning from the world—it’s dangerous to open up

More than half a million people across the world are now known to have died from coronavirus

Virus grows as world leaders prioritise profits

Coronavirus is set to reach a horrifying new milestone this week—10 million cases and a death toll of 500,000.

Tens of thousands take to the streets of France to demand ‘freedom, equality and dignity’

Big, militant anti-racist marches took place in several cities across France last Saturday.

Anti-racist rage boils over in protests across the US

Protests are continuing to rage across the US over the racist murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin a month ago. 

Tulsa: the city of Trump’s rally is the site of a racist massacre

In 1921 racists wanted to put black people down, and break workers' unity

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