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Rage against sexist Trump as tens of thousands join US Women’s Marches

Up to 10,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Washington DC for the fourth annual US Women's March on Saturday. 

‘Help us beat neoliberal president Macron’—French strikers appeal for solidarity

France’s trade unions are making an international appeal to sustain their strikes against president Emmanuel Macron’s assault on pensions.

Iranians take to the streets after a week of war threats

Protests burst out in Iran last Saturday after the regime admitted to accidentally shooting down a passenger plane.

New coalition government in Spain marks a shift to the right for Podemos

A new coalition government in Spain is vowing to create “a Spain of moderation and not a Spain of tension”.

Government manoeuvres on pension age fail to stop protests and strikes in France

Union members are holding real debates how to take their movement forward, says Charlie Kimber

French workers debate taking harder hitting action after ‘beautiful’ mass strike

The fourth national day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday saw massive support against French president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions.

Huge strike in India has power to challenge hard right government

Some unions say nearly a fifth of the population stayed away from work

‘The poor suffer the most’—Jakarta resident speaks out on floods

As the flood waters recede—at least for now—in Jakarta, Indonesia, residents are left trying to piece their lives back together

French strikes ‘beyond trade unionism’

Another huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France against president Emmanuel Macron’s pension assaults was set for Thursday this week.

French pension strikers reject Macron’s bribes

Tens of thousands of French workers remain on indefinite strike against president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions

‘Macron out,’ say strikers in France

Workers across France are staging inspirational action against pension attacks

International round-up—Get Trump out of the White House

The US House of Representatives was set to vote on whether to impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday of this week.

Historic strike in Northern Ireland NHS

Thousands of nurses and other health workers in Northern Ireland are fighting for higher pay.

A million French workers strike to say ‘screw it’ to pension attacks

Another massive day of strikes and protests in France on Tuesday showed workers’ continuing determination to beat neoliberal president Emmanuel Macron.

Protests have put resistance back on the agenda

Nick Clark says that revolts sweeping the Middle East are overcoming sectarianism and terrifying US rulers

Millions of workers strike to defy French pension assault

A huge strike swept France on Thursday as millions of workers revolted against pension attacks from president Emmanuel Macron.

Pensions strikes sweep France in a big push to repel Emmanuel Macron’s attack

Big strikes were set to hit France on Thursday this week as workers revolt against president Emmanuel Macron’s assault on pensions.

Huge protest movement brings down Iraqi prime minister

A mass protest movement has forced the Iraqi prime minister to resign

Demonstrators killed in Iran

Security forces in Iran have reportedly killed at least 115 protesters

Hong Kong voters back democracy

Voters in Hong Kong delivered an unprecedented landslide for pro-democracy candidates in local elections

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