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Delegates in Cairo urge new resistance

A SUCCESSFUL and important conference took place in Cairo in Egypt last weekend.

West Coast warms to shop strike

THE MOST common sight in southern California these days isn't a movie shoot or a beach party. It is a militant picket line.


A MAJOR attempt to privatise oil in Uruguay has been defeated in a national referendum. On 7 December some 62 percent of electors, 1.2 million people, voted against the privatisation of the state oil company.

Henry Kissinger: more revelations

YET MORE evidence emerged this week of how the US is harbouring one of the world's greatest war criminals.

Challenge to Italy's pension slasher

AROUND 1.5 million people took to the streets of Rome in Italy last Saturday against government plans to attack their pensions.

Deep disappointment chills Russian election

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin looks set to claim victory in the country's parliamentary elections last weekend.

Can the uprising open the way to real change?

ASTONISHING TV pictures from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, showed protesters storming the parliament building as popular anger with the regime exploded last week. The president, Edward Shevardnadze, was forced to scuttle away. The slogans of the uprising were directed against government corruption and ballot rigging.

Georgia is on George Bush's mind

GEORGIA IS a poor country with only four million inhabitants. But facing the Black Sea between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, it is of key strategic importance for any outside power trying to exercise influence over the whole region from the Middle East through to the Chinese border. Britain occupied the country briefly as part of its efforts to destroy the Russian Revolution in the aftermath of the First World War.

'Reject the corporate trade deal'

TRADE UNIONISTS and protesters against corporate globalisation were united on a demonstration through Miami in Florida last week. The march took place on the same day as 300,000 protested against George Bush in London.

Dynamic movement is growing in Cairo

THE OCCUPATIONS of Iraq and Palestine are provoking bitterness and unrest in the Middle East. This anger is directed against the US and local rulers who refuse to challenge Bush's imperialist project. That is the backdrop to the second Cairo conference against the war in Iraq and the occupation of Palestine, which will take place in Egypt on 13 and 14 December.

Chinese memories of occupation and imperial atrocities

The Japanese occupation of China in the 1930s and 1940s is still such a live issue in Chinese politics because of the length and brutality of the occupation.

Middle East: Imperial assault on and tasks for the left

The present interview with Alex Callinicos was performed over several weeks by email spanning late July to mid September. The early questions took place at the start of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The last five questions were answered in one go in mid September. Because of the lengthiness of the interview it was not possible to pose any further questions arising out of these answers.

Far left's united stand in France could poll 31%

ANTI-CAPITALIST forces moved to the centre stage of French politics last weekend. The country's two main far left organisations announced their united electoral challenge in important regional and European elections due next June-the same time as similar elections in Britain.

Greece: another warmonger visit axed

US SECRETARY of State Colin Powell was forced to cancel a visit to Greece due to take place on Wednesday of this week. He had arranged to meet the Greek prime minister in the capital, Athens. But anti-war campaigners, as here, found a huge response to protests they called to stop Powell.

Uprising in Bolivia: stones and clubs defeated the tanks

THE UPRISING was the culmination of a month of strikes and demonstrations after troops killed seven demonstrators on 20 September. The protesters were calling for a referendum over the neo-liberal government's export of natural gas to the United States.

Uprising in Bolivia: 'Prepare for street battles'

REPORTS FROM the radical news agency Econoticias tell the story of last weekend: Thursday At least a quarter of a million workers and people from almost all the lower class neighbourhoods of El Alto and La Paz have surrounded the government palace. They have given the most hated man in the history of the country, the millionaire president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozado, a last chance to resign and flee Bolivia.

Socialist speaks from jail on the growing revolt

Brid Smith, a member of the Socialist Workers Party of Ireland, spoke to Socialist Worker from Mountjoy women's prison in Dublin The movement against the bin tax is pitting working class communities against a corrupt political establishment and its big business cronies. It is the biggest upsurge in Ireland since the campaign against increased taxes on workers' wages over two decades ago.

Uprising in Bolivia

BOLIVIA WAS plunged into a political crisis at the start of this week as workers and the poor resisted a government plan to hand the country's natural gas reserves to corporations.

Italy - Anger is growing

THE THREE major trade union federations in Italy have organised a four-hour general strike for Friday 24 October.

Gas protest ignites

TWO OF Britain's biggest multinational corporations are at the centre of protests gripping Bolivia.

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