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Powerful movements against racism and austerity unite on the streets in France

Militant anti-racism and the fight against austerity are coming together powerfully in France

Virus tears through poorer countries as fears of a ‘second wave’ grip China

The global coronavirus crisis is far from over.

System is shaken by a storm of anti-racism

The Black Lives Matter ­movement has sparked a wave of mass protests in countries across the world.

Historic US rebellion is an inspiring challenge to the system

The magnificent uprising taking place across the US is historic. Mass demonstrations following the police murder of George Floyd have now continued for more than two weeks. The rebellion is the most significant in decades.

Protesters defy state repression to ensure Black Lives message is heard

Many of the international solidarity protests took aim at police racism and violence in their own countries—and many defied state repression and bans.

Brazil’s murderous cops add to toll of coronavirus

Police in Rio de Janeiro killed 177 people in April alone

‘We are rebelling against the system that allows racism to exist,’ say US protesters

As repression and resistance rage on the streets of US cities more than a week after George Floyd’s murder, Socialist Worker spoke to eyewitnesses on the protests

10,000 protesters take on far right Slovenian government

There have been six weeks of protests against the prime minister

Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.

Uprising grows against racist killings by US police

A great revolt is taking place in the US. It is against police murders but also about the whole way black people are treated

Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

Over a thousand furious people have taken to the streets of Minnesota to demand justice over the violent police murder of George Floyd.

Fresh protests erupt in Hong Kong

Mass protests have erupted in Hong Kong against a plan by the Chinese government to impose a new security law.

Workers in France say no return to ‘normal’

French health workers are demanding that “we don’t go back to how it was before”—and want fundamental changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Jair Bolsonaro caught up in coronavirus and corruption crisis

Brazil’s soaring cases of coronavirus, and growing splits in Jair Bolsonaro’s government, are shaking the foundations of the far right president’s rule.

New coronavirus outbreaks across Germany

Germany is facing fresh coronavirus outbreaks following the easing of lockdown restrictions

Migrants are at the forefront of unofficial safety strikes in the US

Unofficial strikes have spread across the US as a result of unsafe conditions and unfair dismissals during the coronavirus outbreak

Health workers in France lead challenge to Macron

Moves to end the lockdown in France are releasing suppressed bitterness and anger against president Emmanuel Macron

Infections are on the rise in Germany as lockdown lifts

Germany—hailed as one of the “success stories” in controlling coronavirus—was one of many European countries to ease its lockdown restrictions last week.

A dangerous plan to reopen schools in France fails as many stay shut

The French government tried to reopen schools on Monday in the teeth of opposition from parents, students, teachers and scientists.

‘Explosions of mass struggles are on the horizon’ as Nigeria eases virus lockdown

Nigeria in west Africa is emerging from lockdown in a climate of authoritarian state rule and continuing fears about coronavirus.

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