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General strike to resist attacks on workers’ rights in Greece

Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants to introduce new legislation that would allow bosses to force through longer working hours with no increase in pay

Rage at new police powers in France

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Paris and other French cities in furious protests against a new security law

Cops massacre opposition protesters in Uganda

Up to 37 people have been shot dead by police during anti-government protests

Hong Kong protest movement leaders face jail

Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam could be imprisoned for five years

‘The people have had it,’ say protesters in Guatemala

Angry protesters took to the streets in Guatemala, Central America, last week.

Unity against the rich can undercut ethnic divisions in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is facing a civil war—but the chaos won’t be solved by imperialist powers, writes Charlie Kimber

More Jerusalem settlements planned

 Israel has announced plans to build over 1,000 new settlement buildings in occupied East Jerusalem. It wants to break up Palestinian life in the city.

Joe Biden’s cabinet will be a boost for the bosses

The message from the early appointments to Joe Biden’s new cabinet is that it will be a collection of pro-business warmongers.

‘A massacre at Europe’s borders’ as over 100 refugees are drowned

More than 110 refugees died in the space of three days in the Mediterranean Sea last week

Fascist-led march in Poland is smallest in years as abortion protests continue

For years, the 11 November march has attracted tens of thousands of people. But Wednesday saw only thousands on the streets of Warsaw—the smallest march in ten years.

French teachers strike for better virus safety measures

French teachers struck and demonstrated in large numbers on Tuesday demanding coronavirus safety. But they also raised many other educational demands.

Joe Biden’s win won't bring justice to the Middle East

He claims to support some Palestinian rights, but the president-elect is certainly no friend to ordinary people in the region, says Nick Clark

Kamala Harris will prop up the US state

What role will vice president-elect Kamala Harris play in the new government?

Voices from the US—‘I’m cheering, but we need to put pressure on’

In the wake of the Joe Biden's election win, activists and trade unionists in the US spoke to Socialist Worker about what the election means - and what the tasks are for activists now.

Joe Biden win has galvanised us... now the key is to build struggle

A win for Joe Biden has meant that liberals and progressive groups were galvanised.

International roundup: Deadly storm hits Central America 

Hundreds of people are feared dead after Tropical Storm Eta ripped through Central America and Mexico. 

Celebrations at Trump’s defeat, but Biden is not the answer

People in the US and other parts of the world have protested against him from the moment he won four years ago. Now, he is on his way out.

Protesters return to the streets in Nigeria despite waves of state repression

Starting with action against police violence, many protesters are now targeting the vagabonds in power (VIPs)

Students and teachers in France continue protests and strikes to demand safety

A French education union has called a national strike for next Tuesday to enforce coronavirus safety in schools.

The US left needs a new strategy

Most of the left backed Joe Biden’s campaign. Most groups abandoned their criticism of the Democrats and fell into step with their campaign.

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