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Austerity and racism is on the cards for new government of chaos in Italy

Italy looked on the verge of having a new unstable government as Socialist Worker went to press.

Protests and strikes in Hong Kong as cops ramp up violence

Defiant action by protesters has been met with increasing levels of brutality, writes Sadie Robinson

International round up: Trump plan for indefinite detention of migrants

Donald Trump unveiled new rules last Wednesday that would allow migrants to be locked up indefinitely

‘All Kashmiris are angry with the government’

Kavita Krishnan has just returned from occupied Kashmir where she was part of an Indian solidarity delegation. She talked to Socialist Worker about conditions in Kashmir since the Indian government annexed the Muslim-majority territory earlier this month.

Protesters build barricades to defy police repression in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of people defied police repression in Hong Kong over the weekend, marking the 12th week of mass protests. 

Italy in turmoil after far right Matteo Salvini pushes for snap election

Italy’s political crisis came to a head this week as prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigned after far right interior minister Matteo Salvini pulled the plug on the coalition.

Million march in Hong Kong as movement grows

Some 1.7 million people marched in Hong Kong on Sunday as the pro-democracy movement there entered its 11th week.

Hong Kong protesters refuse to give in to threats and intimidation

China is escalating its threats towards pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as the movement is set to enter its 11th week.

‘Left’ government in Portugal uses troops to break indefinite strike by fuel tanker drivers

The Portuguese government – which some hail as a model of left wing success – has sent soldiers to drive tankers to break an indefinite strike.

Israeli cops fire tear gas at Palestinian worshippers in East Jerusalem

Israeli police attacked tens of thousands Palestinian worshippers in East Jerusalem last Sunday on Eid

Protesters shut down airport in Hong Kong and defy state repression

The mass movement has refused to leave the streets in defiance of the police, writes Sadie Robinson

Hundreds of migrants seized by US state

Nearly 700 immigrants were taken on Wednesday of last week in the biggest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) raid since Donald Trump took office. Over 600 Ice agents swept six workplaces across Mississippi.

Kashmiris take to the streets over Modi’s racist crackdown

The Indian government’s crackdown in Kashmir, on the border between India and Pakistan, is leading to resistance on the streets.

Fresh protests in Hong Kong after airport occupation

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has refused to make any concessions in the face of mass demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

A third of Zimbabweans face a food crisis due to climate change and neoliberalism

More than five million people in Zimbabwe face hunger or starvation, according to the United Nations (UN).

First general strike in half a century deepens the revolt in Hong Kong

Demonstrators are trying to “foment revolution” in Hong Kong according to the city’s leader Carrie Lam.

Protests for right to organise on campus in Greece

Thousands of university students, lecturers, teachers and workers in Greece have protested against an attack on the right to organise on campus

Rotten deal puts Sudan revolt at risk

Opposition leaders signed a rotten agreement with Sudan’s military rulers on Sunday

India risks nuclear war with attack on Kashmir

India’s removal of autonomy for Kashmir is rooted in racism and imperialism

‘The movement is at a critical point’—voice from Hong Kong

After nearly two months of protests, Hong Kong’s mass movement has reached a critical moment.

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