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Strikes and repression spread across the African continent

Workers have suffered repression and evictions to try and stop the spread of the virus, but there has also been fightback in the form of strikes.

Millions fear starvation after shutdown imposed in India

The Indian government’s attempts to lockdown over a billion people are collapsing after only a few days.

US workers stage walkouts and protests over coronavirus safety

Workers’ action is spreading across the US to stop bosses putting profit ahead of health in the coronavirus crisis. 

Bosses are rocked by the ‘brutal change of attitude’ among workers

A series of strikes in French factories engaged in non-essential production has forced employers to close some of them down, at least temporarily.

Donald Trump’s corona crisis measures are handout for the rich

Trillions of dollars for a coronavirus aid package in the United States is mainly about protecting profits, writes Gabby Thorpe

Horror for refugees as conditions make coronavirus more deadly

In Greece overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean sea have been put on lockdown.

International round-up - Yellow Vests defy cops in France and deadlock in Israel

Yellow Vests took to the streets of Paris last Saturday, but their numbers were much lower than anticipated.

Democrats unite against left wing Bernie Sanders

It is now almost certain that Joe Biden will be the Democratic party nominee for president.

Italian worker says ‘we are ready to fight’ for coronavirus action

A wave of strikes has hit Italy, and further walkouts may be coming

Misery after Brazil landslides


Lebanon debt default sparks IMF fear

Lebanon defaulted on a foreign debt payment for the first time in its history this week.

French ban on protests fails to stop resistance

Paris is set be a capital of protest and resistance on Saturday.

Israeli elections leave right claiming victory while scrabbling for power

Right wing parties declared victory in Israel’s elections on Monday, promising a government that will annexe all of the Palestinian West Bank.

French government vows to ram through pension assault

 Angry demonstrations took place in cities across France on Saturday evening after the government announced it would implement attacks on pensions without a vote in parliament.

International round-up - Win for Sanders and First Nation protests in pipeline

Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate after a landslide victory in Nevada last Saturday.

Mass protests after massacre by Nazi terrorist in Germany

Tens of thousands of people protested after a gunman killed nine people from migrant backgrounds at a shisha bar and a cafe in the city of Hanau.

Macron’s party in new crisis as strikers return to the streets

The French president looks weak as strikes continue, says Charlie Kimber

After Sanders wins New Hampshire, bosses fear ‘idea of socialism is gaining traction’

Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic US presidential primary. His victory came after he won the highest number of votes in Iowa last week.

International round-up—Protests in Germany beat back right and US elections

Mass pressure from below has blocked the further entry of the far right AfD party into German mainstream politics.

New action dates called for French pension war

The fight isn’t over, but the unions need to call for coordinated resistance, says Charlie Kimber

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