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Protests have put resistance back on the agenda

Nick Clark says that revolts sweeping the Middle East are overcoming sectarianism and terrifying US rulers

Millions of workers strike to defy French pension assault

A huge strike swept France on Thursday as millions of workers revolted against pension attacks from president Emmanuel Macron.

Pensions strikes sweep France in a big push to repel Emmanuel Macron’s attack

Big strikes were set to hit France on Thursday this week as workers revolt against president Emmanuel Macron’s assault on pensions.

Huge protest movement brings down Iraqi prime minister

A mass protest movement has forced the Iraqi prime minister to resign

Demonstrators killed in Iran

Security forces in Iran have reportedly killed at least 115 protesters

Hong Kong voters back democracy

Voters in Hong Kong delivered an unprecedented landslide for pro-democracy candidates in local elections

More revolts in Latin American countries

Strikes in Peru and Colombia have marked the spread of revolt

International round-up - killings in Gaza, protests hit Iran, general strike in Chile

Israel killed unleashed a fresh round of bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip last week.

After a year of the Yellow Vests - a new chance for united struggle in France

Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, marks the one-year anniversary of the Yellow Vests by looking at what the movement has achieved and the prospects for future struggles

Brutal Hong Kong police target university in drive to crush pro-democracy movement

Huge battles were taking place in Hong Kong as Socialist Worker went to press, as the authorities escalated their repression of pro-democracy protests.

Child dies in the European Union’s border crackdown

The European Union’s (EU) border policy has caused the death of a nine month old baby in one of Greece’s vast, overcrowded refugee camps.

Israel kills more than 30 Palestinians in bloody offensive against Gaza

Israel has killed more than 30 Palestinians in a fresh round of bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Angry Hong Kong protests push authorities ‘to the brink’

Cops in Hong Kong say that protests are bringing the city to the “brink of total collapse”.

Australian wildfires - winds fan the flames that surround Sydney

Thousands of people in Australia have seen their lives, homes and livelihoods threatened as catastrophic fires ripped through the country.

Vote for far right Vox rocks elections in Spain

Elections in Spain last Sunday produced almost the same result as in April—except for a very disturbing rise for the far right party Vox.

Hong Kong cops shoot activists while protest death toll rises in Iraq

Police in Hong Kong shot at least one protester during mass protests on Monday of this week.

Vicious coup in Bolivia forces out president Evo Morales

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has been forced out by a coup. It was orchestrated by the army and police—and backed by Donald Trump and the US.

Protesters stay on the streets to win change in Iraq and Lebanon

Tens of thousands of people in Iraq have fought pitched battles with police, as they blocked major roads in the centre of ­capital city Baghdad.

Veteran FLN liberation fighters join protests against Algerian regime

Huge democracy demonstrations in Algeria, north Africa, last week came on a particularly important date.

Unofficial rail strikes in France could derail neoliberal president Macron

A series of unofficial rail strikes in France have shown the potential for massive resistance to president Emmanuel Macron.

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