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LETTERS—How should we approach Birmingham school protest?

How should we approach Birmingham school protest?

LETTERS—Health charges for migrants are racist—scrap all of them

The treatment of Boysie Folkes shows that the whole system of charging migrants for healthcare and checking people’s immigration status is wrong.

LETTERS—We should all get behind the climate strikers on 15 March

The inspiring student climate strikes recently should be an example to all of us (Socialist Worker, 20 February).

LETTERS—We need more than token gestures to save the planet

Sheffield council has recently declared a climate emergency.

LETTERS - Labour left lost momentum in Haringey - we need to fight for more

Labour left group Momentum burst into Haringey, north London, in 2015.

LETTERS - Keep pressure on councils for a ‘climate emergency’

There’s a growing movement to demand political leaders take serious action on climate change.

LETTERS—How we won a strong vote for school strikes in Ealing

NEU union members voted overwhelmingly to support strikes over pay and school funding.

LETTERS - Can we bridge left-right gap to fight the establishment?

Is there any thought of having an anti-austerity hi-vis protest here in Britain? I am fed up of this government and I feel it’s really needed.

Letters: We shouldn’t pay—fight for right of EU migrants to stay

We have a Tory government that takes any opportunity to make racist policies.

LETTERS - Tory hypocrisy over barracks, Grenfell and housing crisis

Tory MP Johnny Mercer has attacked the Ministry of Defence for housing soldiers in unsafe barracks. “Animals would not be housed in such dangerous conditions,” he said.

LETTERS - Fighting back has helped to recover from hate crimes

During February 2018 I came out as trans-female. Since the age of five, in 1967, I knew that I was female.

Letters—Leeds refugee case shows that campaigning can work

We have been foster carers for a young refugee, Hossein Ahmadi, who arrived in Britain on the back of a freezer truck in the summer of 2016. He had spent ten months in the misery of the Dunkirk camp.

Letters—profit is driving car industry job losses and plant closures

Redundancies and cutbacks in the car industry have a long history

Letters—Oxford Union has helped to legitimise far right bigotry

The Oxford Union, a posh private debating club for Oxford University students, invited far right guru Steve Bannon to speak a fortnight ago.

LETTERS—Home Office racism did not stop with Windrush scandal

In the wake of the Windrush scandal the Home Office continue to threaten Commonwealth citizens with deportation.

LETTERS—Bankrupting universities is part of a privatisation plan

The only surprise about the news that three universities are on the verge of bankruptcy is that it has taken so long.

LETTERS - It’s right to challenge racist lies over child sexual abuse

I think this race stuff has allowed the police to shift focus away from how much they clearly don’t care about people from poorer or difficult backgrounds (Claims about ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up, 31 October).

LETTERS - People’s Vote isn’t left wing, but don’t dismiss marchers

I shudder to think that I’m part of the same movement as Tory MPs, war criminals Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair and their like.

LETTERS - Weak Tories can be beaten if we unite to scrap Universal Credit

News that the government is further delaying the rollout of Universal Credit (UC) has been welcomed by people who campaign against it.

LETTERS—We organised to stop the far right at Warwick University

The threat of a large anti-fascist demonstration forced Warwick University to postpone a talk by Islamophobe Anne Marie Waters last Tuesday.

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