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Steel workers feel betrayed The steel maker Corus has issued 150 compulsory redundancies in Scunthorpe as part of this year's job cuts. Workers who have spent their whole working lives in steel are now being sacked because they don't fit management's criteria. These workers feel betrayed. For the last 20 years steel workers in Scunthorpe have faced annual job losses. British Steel told its workers that they could only make their future secure by becoming "leaner and fitter". Each year steel workers delivered better productivity.

Refugees: No festive spirit from Straw

JACK STRAW'S seasonal greetings were bogus. They did not stretch as far as those seeking asylum. Solomon was told that he had to sign on at the police station on 25 December, between 7pm and 8pm. His crime? None. Solomon was a hard working student. He worked to keep himself and was successful in his studies. Then the government had a crackdown on asylum seekers. Now Solomon has been criminalised.

Education: When only the grade matters

MY SON Matthew is going into year 11 at school, when he faces his GCSEs. I feel I should encourage him to get "good grades" because I would like him to have as many opportunities as it is possible to have in a capitalist society.

Great politics on the Connex picket lines

Great politics on the picket lines DURING THE Connex rail strike on Tuesday of last week myself and another comrade went down to the drivers' picket line at Orpington, Kent. The response we received was brilliant. People welcomed us when we said we were from Socialist Worker. There was a real willingness by the strikers to talk about the issues behind their dispute and the wider political situation facing workers today.

'Military' tactics won't stop anger

ALONG WITH thousands of other people demonstrating against the World Trade Organisation at Euston station last week I was outraged by the behaviour of both the press and the police. Before the event the press massively hyped up expectations of violence.

The RUC are not heroes

THE NEWS that the RUC has been awarded the George Cross for "bravery" has shocked many thousands of people here in Northern Ireland. The RUC has an absolutely terrible record of human rights violations, sectarianism and brutality.


I want more than justice for Harry Stanley I WAS a friend of Harry Stanley. From time to time we did the things friends and neighbours do - chat in the street, have a drink together. Harry's murder by the police shook everyone. Harry wasn't an angel, but he wasn't a gangster either. He was a character, a family man, a grandad.

More unequal than before

Socialist Worker is a superb paper. It is so strong on foreign affairs and feedback from workers. I work as a hotel porter and sell all the mainstream papers. The Daily Telegraph is handed out free there. I like some of their obituaries, and some of yours too – particularly Lord Denning's.


How Ford has caused divide The problems highlighted by the Sukhjit Parma case at Ford Dagenham began in the 1.8 Diesel Assembly area when group leaders were introduced in around 1994. In each area hourly paid workers were asked to apply for positions in their departments as group leaders who were to be paid 10 percent extra for assisting the foremen.

No taste for farmers' bull

ON FRIDAY, Saturday and Sunday last week we had a French market in our town, with French people selling their produce. On the Friday someone set up a fruit and vegetable stall in the market flying a Union Jack. It was covered in posters saying "Buy British" and "End the ban on British beef".


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