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Duckenfield’s ‘gross failure’ was substantial cause of Hillsborough deaths, court hears

Hillsborough, football, disaster, flowers The failings of David Duckenfield in relation to the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster represented a “gross failure,” a court has heard.

Determined Scottish lecturers strike over pay

Determined Scottish lecturers strike over pay Thousands of college lecturers struck across Scotland on Wednesday in a battle over pay. 

Theresa May survives confidence vote, but her Brexit crisis continues

Theresa May survives confidence vote, but her Brexit crisis continues Theresa May’s government survived a no confidence motion on Wednesday night by the votes of 325 MPs to 306.

Theresa May’s deal defeated in record vote - now fight to get rid of the Tories

Theresa May’s deal defeated in record vote - now fight to get rid of the Tories The shattering defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday has to mean the end for her as prime minister and lead to an immediate general election.

Universal Credit claimants forced to beg online to get by

Universal Credit, benefits, welfare, austerity, Tories, protest, demonstration, Unite Hundreds of people have been forced to beg for money online because of the Tories’ hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit.

National Archives release protects state secrets - and shows up the ruling class

John Major, Tories, government, documents National Archives records released this week saw most state secrets remain secret. Fewer important documents are released every year.

Scottish further education lecturers plan strikes in January

In a ballot EIS union members voted 90 percent yes to strikes, and are set for escalating action

Update: deportation of Otis Bolamu halted after determined campaign

Swansea asylum-seeker fears for his life if the British authorities send him back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Palestine activist Paul Jonson reinstated after antisemitism claim is rejected

A council worker suspended from his job for criticising Israel has been reinstated.

Mass resistance and police repression in Catalonia

Thousands protested as the Spanish state held a cabinet meeting in Barcelona

Newsquest journalists in Cumbria strike against cuts and for better pay

'Knowing that I’m being used is leaving me feeling crushed at the end of each day,' said a striker.

Police officer guilty of gross misconduct in Kingsley Burrell case

Kingsley died on 31 March 2011. He was restrained by police at a mental health unit and beaten severely while he had a towel placed over his face.

Tories in crisis—but Labour is paralysed

Theresa May’s government hangs by a thread. But she won’t go unless she is pushed

Migration white paper - the Tories plan new racist laws

It includes a plan for a section of workers to be regarded as second-class 'foreigners' who are grudgingly allowed into Britain to be exploited

Campaigners win a victory over fracking fiasco

Anti-fracking campaigners see the removal of fracking equipment from a site in Lancashire as a significant step forward.

UN conference deal will not halt climate catastrophe

The official pronouncements are wholly inadequate, but pressure is mounting for politicians to act on climate change.

French Yellow Vests fight on, and new forces join the movement

Yellow Vest protests took place across France on Saturday as the revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s neoliberalism continued.

Calais refugees attacked by French police, blocked by British state racism

French police have launched a renewed wave of repression against refugees trapped at Britain's border in Calais.

Anti-fascists outnumber Nazi Tommy Robinson’s crew and Ukip

Ten thousand opposed 5,000 fascists and their friends. But the union of Nazis and a racist electoral party is still a threat.

May’s Brexit deal has her government on the ropes

The Tories are on the ropes. Determined resistance could finish them off.

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