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Fight antisemitism smears—defend support for Palestine

The Labour Party dropped disciplinary proceedings against MP Margaret Hodge on Monday. This decision was made despite her having shouted in Jeremy Cobyn’s face that he is a “fucking antisemite and a racist.”

Supertram workers look for logical deal

Strikes on Sheffield’s Supertram have halted after bosses put forward a new pay offer. Some 200 conductors and drivers were due to strike for eight days from 18 August.

Solidarity pours in after attack on Bookmarks—now bring the Nazis to book

A Nazi attack on a socialist bookshop after the release of Tommy Robinson last week showed the renewed threat of the British far right

Unofficial strike against work plan and ‘bullying’

Postal workers at a Royal Mail delivery office in Plymouth staged an unofficial strike for a full day last Saturday. They didn’t return until they reached a deal on Monday.

Strike means Total shut down of rigs

Workers began a 24-hour strike on three of energy multinational Total’s North Sea oil platforms.

Backlash halts the eviction of refugees in Glasgow—for now

A wave of outrage has forced outsourcing giant Serco to back down from plans to throw 330 asylum seekers onto the streets of Glasgow.

Government to decide Grenfell site fate

 The Tories have announced that central government will manage the site of the Grenfell Tower fire from autumn.

Nazi and far right thugs attack socialist bookshop

A group of Nazi and racist thugs attacked a TUC-backed socialist bookshop in central London

Northamptonshire council crisis means most vulnerable will pay

Northamptonshire county council (NCC) is teetering on the edge of complete disaster, leaving lives at risk.

Nazi Tommy Robinson released from prison—get ready to build the fightback

Anti-fascists face a major challenge after Nazi Tommy Robinson was freed on bail after winning his appeal on Wednesday.

Strike on Eurostar over safety fears at station

Workers on the Eurostar international train line walked out for 24 hours last Saturday in protest at dangerous conditions for staff and customers.

Pay round up: Health workers demand poor pay deal is reopened

NHS workers are demanding unions reopen a shoddy pay deal that was cobbled together by the Tories and trade union leaders.

EU politicians seek racist solutions to refugee crisis

Hundreds of refugees stormed a border fence in Morocco last Thursday in a bid to make it to safety in Europe.

Reports round up: Cuts leave skeleton staff to run paper

Journalists have warned that short staffing at a newspaper has left the editorial team “at crisis point”.

Bus workers boiling in cabs

The recent hot weather in Britain has left bus workers feeling “drowsy” and “faint”

Jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson awaits appeal result

The result of an appeal by jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson was set to be announced on Wednesday.

'We're striking to save care' say Birmingham home care workers

Home care workers in Birmingham began a two-day strike today to stop the total destruction of their service.

Barnet Tories try to silence solidarity with Palestine

A Tory councillor has attacked the right to boycott Israel—using the same definition of antisemitism that the Labour right want Jeremy Corbyn to adopt.

Hundreds of asylum seekers threatened with homelessness in Glasgow

Hundreds of asylum seeker families face being thrown onto the streets of Glasgow by the Tories’ racist immigration laws.

Residents' rage forces Grenfell council to back off from ending secure tenancies

Residents have forced Kensington and Chelsea council to retreat from plans that would threaten their secure council tenancies. 

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