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Cable workers’ march electrifies fight for pay

Workers at Prysmian Cables in Eastleigh, Southampton, were set to strike on Wednesday of this week.

Modern Couples’ relationships influence artistic work

Over 80 artists’ work from the early 20th century are collected here. They were each in relationships with at least one other featured artist.

Organising against the far right menace

Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right.

Cuadrilla begins first fracking in Britain for seven years

Fracking has once again started in Britain, another sign of how the government and big business are endangering the environment.

Bolton strikers take on the outsourcing health bosses

A walkout by hundreds of outsourced workers in Greater Manchester could help to push back the influence of private companies across the health service, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Benefit sanctions leave people "suicidal", scared and homeless, finds study

Benefit sanctions are “life threatening” for some disabled claimants, according to a new study. And the constant threat of sanctions leaves many “living in a state of constant anxiety”.

2,000 anti-fascists deal a blow to the far right DFLA

Around 2,000 anti-racists joined a march and rally against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) in central London today. 

Don’t let fascists disguise as ‘authentic’ working class

For a set of commentators and politicians, Nazi groups such as the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) are the authentic voice of the working class.

Don’t let fascists disguise as ‘authentic’ working class

The far right pretends its racism reflects the concerns of ordinary people, but the reality is more complex, argues Nick Clark

Bolton strikers demand same pay as other NHS workers in fight against privatisers

More than 200 outsourced health workers took to the picket lines on Thursday morning

Protest in north London against police brutality highlights cops' statistics

Cops in London used force over 40,000 times in the first five months of the 2018/2019 financial year.

Attacks on working conditions at Royal Mail

Royal Mail postal workers lost out on hundreds of pounds due to privatisation last week—and now top bosses want to give them another kicking.

Woman on benefits says—‘Tory benefit cuts forced me to starve’

The Universal Credit benefits regime has to be scrapped

Don't trust Theresa May’s housing pledge - demand new council homes

Theresa May announced last week that she was removing the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) borrowing cap for local authorities.

Join the protest against racist DFLA march in London

Anti-racists plan to protest against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) in London this Saturday.

Protest demands freedom for anti-fracking three

Hundreds of anti-fracking campaigners marched on a prison in Preston, Lancashire, last Saturday to demand the release of three activists.

Stark warning issued over a global rise in temperature

A new report warns against further global temperature rises. Implementing it will mean challenging the logic of capitalism, argues Sarah Bates

Take action to push back the racists

Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right. Here’s Socialist Worker’s round-up

Strikes are just the ticket for Camden traffic wardens

Traffic wardens at Camden council in north London finished a solid five-day strike for higher pay on Friday of last week.

Local government round up: Birmingham home care workers plan more action

Birmingham home care workers are preparing to unleash another programme of strikes in their long-running battle against redundancies, cuts and privatisation.

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