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Protesters across the US defy Trump’s federal shutdown blackmail

Protesters across the US defied president Donald Trump’s attempt to force politicians to push through £5 billion in funding for his infamous border wall.

Plugging a brewing revolt

100 years ago the sale of alcohol was banned in the US. It’s a story of profit-thirsty booze barons, ruling class paranoia and fermenting anger among workers, writes Alistair Farrow

Thousands protest in London to demand a general election

Thousands of people marched through central London on Saturday demanding a general election, an end to the Tory government and an end to austerity.

Will no-deal Brexit mean chaos on the Kent coast?

Politicians, bosses and the press are panicking about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. It’s driven by fears that leaving the European Union (EU) will hit firms’ profits.

Amber Rudd in hot water after humiliating Universal Credit legal defeat

Four women workers won a high court challenge to the Tories’ Universal Credit (UC) scheme on Friday.

Jeremy Corbyn goes on the offensive and calls for a general election

Jeremy Corbyn has made a fresh demand for a general election, in a speech today that sought to unite Leave and Remain voters against Theresa May’s austerity and racism.

Racist Ukip leader Batten’s ego battered by protest in Wigan

Anti-racists humiliated racist Ukip leader Gerard Batten in Wigan on Tuesday night.

Reports round up: Scarborough declares climate emergency

Ministries face coordinated strikes

Fight for every vote in teachers’ pay ballot

Teachers in the NEU union are taking part in an indicative ballot for strikes over pay and school funding.

Strike at Northern Rail as Tories give bung to train giant

Guards working for Northern rail struck against the implementation of driver only operation (DOO) trains for the 43rd time on Saturday.

Join public meeting to defend victimised health worker Karen Reissmann

Supporters of victimised health worker Karen Reissmann plan to hold a public meeting in Manchester on Saturday 19 January.

650 bus drivers join strike across north east England

More than 600 bus drivers struck in County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire this week in a fight for better pay.

How can the left get its voice heard over Brexit?

What machinations will May pull to get out of her crisis? And what should the left do to force her out? Tomáš Tengely-Evans says the key is a fight against racism and austerity

Vicious Universal Credit plan is in chaos - now bury it

The Tories have been forced into a drastic retreat over their hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit.

Millions of women line the streets in mass protest over sexism in India

Women in India took part in mass protests against sexism last week—and on Tuesday tens of millions of workers were set to launch a two-day general strike.

Siblings reunite, but this isn’t a happy-ever-after story

In the early 1980s Bobby, Eddy and David, identical triplets, had fifteen minutes of fame. They were on every US chat show couch and even had a cameo with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

The tiny group controlling England’s water industry

Privatisation has handed just 20 investors over two thirds of England’s water and sewerage supply—and it’s time we took it back, says Charlie Kimber

Refugees speak out on Tories’ sham border crisis

Lost amid the Tory scaremongering over refugees entering Britain are the voices of the refugees themselves.

Fat Cat Friday shows the colossal social divide in Britain

At 1pm on Friday top bosses will have been paid as much as the average worker makes in a year.

Workers on company boards won't stop business as usual for the fat cats

Outsourcing giant Capita has announced it will appoint workers to its board

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