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Merchants of greed squeal for more

SOME OF the world's richest and greediest people have launched a squealing campaign to get money from us so they can become even richer. The government has given in to them, and has donated over £700 million to this wealthy gang.

Anti-war protest shocked ministers

"Government ministers were surprised by the size of the anti-war demonstration in London on Saturday."

Media workers call for the truth

UP TO 800 people packed into a marvellous Media Workers Against the War rally in central London three days before Saturday’s protest.

SOAS shows way in colleges

ONE OF the liveliest contingents on Saturday’s demo was from London’s SOAS college. Sandy Nicoll is secretary of the college workers’ UNISON union branch.

Scots on the March

"BUSH, BLAIR, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?" That was just one of the many anti-war slogans which rang around Glasgow city centre last Saturday. Some 4,500 people took to the streets.

Respect Festival

Saturday 20 October, Werneth Park, Oldham Carnival against the Nazis Called by Oldham United Against Racism. Supported by North West Region TUC, ANL, local NUT, Greater Manchester FBU Region Five, PCS, TGWU and UNISON

Stop Bush and Blair

SALES OF Socialist Worker are soaring. This reflects the growing movement against the war and the thirst for arguments opposing the military campaign. Coverage of protests across the world for peace interests a wide layer of people.

Cheers for pay strikes

WORKERS AT Chivas Regal whisky plants across Scotland are striking over pay in a series of one-day strikes. The 1,000-strong workforce, who are members of the GMB, AEEU and MSF unions, were angered when management put forward a one-off payment of £650. The two one-day strikes have been 100 percent solid.

Sparks' strike vindicated

ELECTRICIANS who were sacked for taking unofficial action were right to strike, an employment tribunal said last week. The ruling is a boost for the 250 electricians who worked for Britain's biggest electrical contractor, Balfour Kilpatrick, on the Pfizer site in Kent. They struck for seven and a half weeks over health and safety in April last year.


AROUND 150 ancillary workers in the UNISON union at the new PFI hospital in Carlisle have voted by three to one to strike against the conditions offered by the Interserve private company they work for.

Socialist Alliance

A WELL attended liaison meeting of delegates from local Socialist Alliance groups met last Saturday in Birmingham. The meeting agreed to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition, and to encourage all Socialist Alliances to throw themselves into campaigning against the war.


OVER 7,000 council workers in the UNISON union in Bradford are due to begin balloting on Monday for strikes against the restructuring of workers' conditions in the city. The Tory-Liberal council coalition is withdrawing from its 20-year agreement with the unions in an attempt to bring in more privatisation.

Draconian cutbacks threaten 30,000 jobs

THE POST Office has launched a policy of slash and burn through the workforce combined with a relentless drive for privatisation. It is the greatest challenge the postal workers' CWU union has ever faced. The board of directors had gathered on the day of the World Trade Centre suicide attacks to finalise their latest strategy.

Stop this barbarism

Other states in his sights.

War and saving lives do not mix

"EVEN THE threat of military action has made the humanitarian situation worse. Military attacks on Afghanistan will make the problems worse." That damning comment came from the director of the charity CAFOD. It exposes Bush and Blair's lies that they are waging a "humanitarian war". The meagre aid dropped from planes will not feed the millions of starving Afghan people.

US ready for years of war

US DEFENCE Secretary Donald Rumsfeld now argues openly that bombing Afghanistan is to be "part of a much wider effort. It will likely be sustained for years, not weeks or months."

11 September 'a good day for us'

NEW LABOUR hopes the World Trade Centre deaths can be used to cover up unpopular policies, according to a leaked memo. "It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury," read the e-mail from Jo Moore, political adviser to transport and local government secretary Stephen Byers.


AROUND 15,000 people protested in Rome on Monday against the war. The protest was called by COBAS, the trade union organisation, and left wing political party Rifondazione. Also in Italy, in Milan 5,000 protested, while around 2,000 people joined demonstrations in Naples.

Bush won't stop at Afghanistan

"EXECUTED AS planned." That was how US president George W Bush described the bombing of Afghanistan this week.

The real victims of 'precision' bombing

THERE IS no such thing as a "clean war" or "precision bombing". The same US and British generals who now say they are using "smart weapons" in Afghanistan were only two weeks ago telling the media they were "resigned to civilian casualties".

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