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The Asda supermarket chain made Nazi Clive Potter runner up in its Local Heroes competition. Potter is a member of the National Democrats, a split from the National Front. The Anti Nazi League has ...

Barclays plan to slash jobs

Barclays bank bosses are planning to slash their already depleted workforce massively in an information technology "e big bang". By doing so the bank aims to double its profits in three years....

Widdecombe hounded from festival

SHADOW HOME secretary Ann Widdecombe was hounded by angry protesters when she visited the Edinburgh Book Festival last Saturday. Some 100 protesters, enraged by her attitude to asylum seekers, joined ...

Killed by the profit system he hated

SIMON JONES would have been celebrating his 27th birthday on Friday. But his life was tragically cut short on 24 April 1998 when he got a new job as a casual worker at Shoreham docks in Sussex. Simon...

Britain's heart failure

THE COST of travelling by train has soared 300 percent on some services. An unpublished study by the Rail Passengers' Council (RPC) has found that:* Rail travel is 40 percent more costly in real term

Gunning for trouble in Africa

The right wing press have been going mad over the capture of 11 British troops taken hostage with their guide last Friday by "rebels" in Sierra Leone. The kidnappers, dubbed the "West Side Boys", ...

UNISON backs debt protest

WE READ out a letter from Rodney Bickerstaffe-the general secretary of our union, UNISON-at our union branch meeting last week. It calls for every UNISON branch to support the Jubilee 2000 protest in...

Is this as good as it's going to be?

IT IS two years since financial chaos ricocheted around the world, bringing economic hardship to East Asia, Latin America and, most notably, Russia. It has become fashionable for commentators to wri

'They said I sent racist mail'

"I feel totally vindicated. It is now possible to lay the silly allegations against me to rest," Virdi told Socialist Worker. Those allegations led to Sergeant Virdi getting sacked in March of this y...

Rail fares soar

The government wants to charge people for appealing against Home Office refusal of a visa to visit Britain. The move comes after home secretary Jack Straw was recently forced to back down on slapping...

Chaos hits private finance hospital

The first ever hospital built under New Labour's Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Cumberland Royal Infirmary, has become a disaster zone...

The great debt betrayal

Nineteen thousand children die every day in the Third World because money goes to debt payments, not health and education. The grim toll has reached over 4.5 million this year.

North Pole melts as world hots up

Unfrozen water has appeared at the North Pole for the first time for more than 50 million years. The mile wide stretch of open water is a clear sign that global warming is happening.

Verdict in the Alder case

A VERDICT was expected this week on the death of Christopher Alder. Christopher, a 37 year old black man, died on 1 April 1998 after being taken to a Hull police station.

'Get some kills,' soldiers told

A FORMER soldier has confirmed that he will give damning evidence to the Saville inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972, when the British army killed 14 people.

Shayler scandal

FORMER MI5 secret service officer David Shayler returned to Britain on Monday and was immediately charged with various offences. But the government has not directly taken up his most embarrassing allegation-that British agents were involved in a plot to assassinate Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi.

Rover threat

Workers at Rover are again waiting anxiously for news about their jobs. There are renewed rumours that the company could soon be demanding more job cuts and may even face closure by next spring. This comes just four months after the firm was "saved" by the Phoenix consortium.

Military merry go round

The cooperation between the military, industry, ex civil servants and ex-ministers has forced Tony Blair into hurried action. Blair has imposed a ban on a Sir David Davies, former Ministry of Defence chief scientific adviser, giving commercial advice to Britain's leading military firm, British Aerospace.

Blair's Britain

TUBE privatisation will threaten safety, says a private letter from the government's chief rail inspector.

Fattest cats

The pay of Britain's top bosses rose by 16.5 percent last year, four times the average wage increase.

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