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Draconian cutbacks threaten 30,000 jobs

THE POST Office has launched a policy of slash and burn through the workforce combined with a relentless drive for privatisation. It is the greatest challenge the postal workers' CWU union has ever faced. The board of directors had gathered on the day of the World Trade Centre suicide attacks to finalise their latest strategy.

Stop this barbarism

Other states in his sights.

War and saving lives do not mix

"EVEN THE threat of military action has made the humanitarian situation worse. Military attacks on Afghanistan will make the problems worse." That damning comment came from the director of the charity CAFOD. It exposes Bush and Blair's lies that they are waging a "humanitarian war". The meagre aid dropped from planes will not feed the millions of starving Afghan people.

US ready for years of war

US DEFENCE Secretary Donald Rumsfeld now argues openly that bombing Afghanistan is to be "part of a much wider effort. It will likely be sustained for years, not weeks or months."

11 September 'a good day for us'

NEW LABOUR hopes the World Trade Centre deaths can be used to cover up unpopular policies, according to a leaked memo. "It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury," read the e-mail from Jo Moore, political adviser to transport and local government secretary Stephen Byers.


AROUND 15,000 people protested in Rome on Monday against the war. The protest was called by COBAS, the trade union organisation, and left wing political party Rifondazione. Also in Italy, in Milan 5,000 protested, while around 2,000 people joined demonstrations in Naples.

Bush won't stop at Afghanistan

"EXECUTED AS planned." That was how US president George W Bush described the bombing of Afghanistan this week.

The real victims of 'precision' bombing

THERE IS no such thing as a "clean war" or "precision bombing". The same US and British generals who now say they are using "smart weapons" in Afghanistan were only two weeks ago telling the media they were "resigned to civilian casualties".

Marching in step with murderers

A KEY aim of the US attack on Afghanistan is to intensify the civil war that has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The forces of the "Northern Alliance" were informed of the timing of the first air strikes and began shelling areas held by the Taliban. The Northern Alliance is composed of rival groups.

Stop bomber Blair

BOMBING THE weak and starving. That's George Bush and Tony Blair's plan for Afghanistan. And in a sickening hoax they claim to be helping the ordinary people there. On Monday the US and British governments made sure pictures were beamed around the world of bags of wheat emblazoned with "USA" going to Afghanistan. But that cynical display is much too little and much too late.

Anti-war demos

Demonstrators took to the streets in many countries on Saturday of last week.

Victim blamed

DISGRACEFULLY, no charges will be brought against the four police who shot three protesters during the Gothenburg anti-capitalist protests in Sweden last June. Bjšrn Ericson, the judge who conducted the inquiry, said that no crime had been committed.

Tube bosses' dirty tactics

BIG BUSINESS is already trying to use the drive to war to attack workers fighting to defend their conditions and public services. The London Evening Standard last week ran a page of smears against tube workers, who have voted by more than two to one for strikes to win a 4 percent pay claim.

A fiddle to sell homes

TWO OF New Labour's flagship council home privatisation schemes were suddenly rescued last week when extra money appeared to ensure the sell-offs went ahead. The plans to hand all council homes in Glasgow and Birmingham to private housing companies are the two biggest in the country.

No cash for care

NEW LABOUR has enraged charities by breaking its pledge over care for the elderly. The government's new system for nursing care for people in England came in this week.

Keep up pressure on Blair

OVER 6,000 people defied torrential rain to demonstrate outside the Labour Party conference in Brighton on Sunday. They marched behind a banner that read "People not profit-peace not war", carried by school and further education students.

The Taliban

GEORGE BUSH is making the people of Afghanistan suffer for actions he blames on their government, the Taliban. The Taliban head an awful regime. But they do not have the support of the mass of Afghans, who are already bearing the brunt of the US war threat.

Raise anti-war profile

SOCIALIST WORKER is continuing to get a great response from people eager for arguments against Bush and Blair's war drive. In Manchester some 66 people bought Socialist Worker on a 300-strong peace vigil.

Hundreds strike to defy judge's ruling

HUNDREDS OF council workers in Newcastle stayed away from work last Friday, despite their union leaders calling off a planned one-day strike in the face of an injunction.

Union activist under attack

ROYAL MAIL management have begun formal disciplinary procedures against CWU union rep Mark Dolan from north London. A worker made a complaint against Mark after he had overheard a discussion about the World Trade Centre suicide attacks. When Mark tried to settle the matter amicably, the same worker then made a further complaint, this time of harassment.

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