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Join us to back council housing

"THE GOVERNMENT is determinedly pushing the privatisation of 328,000 homes. It has assembled a taskforce to help overcome tenants' opposition. "Arms Length Companies" are being reworked as an "alternative" which in reality will neatly package our homes ready for a second wave of privatisation. The housing association lobby increasingly echoes the demands of the big lenders and bankers. "Businesslike'' housing associations are failing to house the vulnerable and homeless. Paid board members will displace tenants, and encourage mergers and rationalisation. Housing association chief executives' salaries and payoffs soar into six figures. By introducing "market forces" into counci

Sparks of resistance

CONSTRUCTION workers at several sites across Britain have seized the opportunity to win better pay through industrial action. Electricians, pipe fitters and welders on the South Tees Private Finance Initiative (PFI) hospital in Middlesbrough are the latest to take action. They held a 48-hour sit-in at the end of last month after they found out one of their bosses was secretly photographing the 150 workers during lunch and tea breaks.

Serial killers

SAFETY campaigners protested in Canary Wharf, east London, last week at the seventh death of a construction worker in the area. On Wednesday of last week a 44 year old man from Northern Ireland was decapitated while working on the DS8 building at the commerce centre. Two of his workmates were left deeply traumatised.

Minimum wage

OVER 40 local members of faith groups and trade unions joined a lively lobby of the "Women in Docklands Ball" last week in support of TELCO's campaign for a living wage for all workers in Docklands. TELCO is The East London Communities Organisation. Tickets for the ball, held in the swish new Four Seasons Hotel at Canary Wharf, cost £100 each.

After Genoa

A GLOBALISE Resistance reportback meeting from the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, attracted 300 people to Conway Hall in central London on Thursday of last week.


POLICE THREATS have again stopped the screening of the film Injustice. The film documents the struggle for justice of families whose members have died in police custody.


JOINERY WORKERS in the GMB union at Jeld-Wen, Lowestoft, entered their third week of one-day strikes this week against management pay freezes and cuts over many years.

Council workers

OVER 100 social workers in Newham, east London, will strike again next Monday. This latest 24-hour walkout is part of UNISON's campaign for fair and equal treatment for all social workers in the borough.

Old people's homes

WORKERS ON Merseyside are raising money for the Sefton council workers fighting to save services for the elderly and disabled. Some 900 social services workers in Sefton council have held six days of strike action to stop the closure of six facilities.

Boom and bust is back again

PAUL O'NEILL, the US Treasury Secretary, last week exuded the feelgood conservatism typical of George Bush's administration. "I am an unqualified optimist about the economic potential of the world," he told the Financial Times...

Council workers

STRIKING CARE workers in Sefton, Merseyside, are at the centre of efforts by campaigners across Britain to stop the mounting closures of council care homes for the elderly and for children.

Genoa mood spans globe

THE PROTESTS in Genoa and across Italy were only the most visible signs of global resistance to capitalism last week. In India and South Africa workers held strikes and protests...

Time to humble Blair at home

THE HIGH priest of neo-liberalism. This is how Tony Blair sees his world role. This week in Brazil he spoke to a gathering of businessmen...

Bradford mill faces closure

SHOCKWAVES went through the city of Bradford last week with the news that the city's largest remaining textile mill could close...

Bring Genoa spirit home

I WENT to Genoa as part of a delegation of four people from my local GMB branch. We wanted to send our message against privatisation, in defence of asylum seekers and against corporate greed...

Deaths at work soar

SOME 295 people were killed at work last year. That is a third more than during the previous 12 months, according to the Health and Safety Executive...

Fattest cats in Europe

BRITAIN'S FAT cats are the fattest in Europe, while manufacturing workers here are the lowest paid in any major industrialised country...

After Genoa

OVER 100 people attended the Genoa eyewitness reportback meeting in Bristol last week. Some 68 people signed up to launch a Globalise Resistance group...

Italy after Genoa

THE VICIOUS police repression of those who protested against the G8 summit in Genoa has sent shockwaves...

Socialist Alliance

OVER 80 officers and delegates from Socialist Alliances around England met in Birmingham last Saturday to plan the way forward after the general election...

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