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Oldham: Anti-racist fight launched

The opposition to the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in Oldham, in Greater Manchester, stepped up last week with the launch of the Coalition Against Racism.

Strikes go centre stage

Backstage staff at the Royal Shakespeare Company, based in London, have voted to take strike action at Christmas. The workers, members of the BECTU union, voted by nine to one in favour of strikes.

Build alternative to New Labour

Supporters of the Socialist Alliance have been out campaigning on the streets of Ipswich in the run-up to the parliamentary by-election which was to take place on Thursday of this week. It is the first by-election of Labour's second term. Local campaigner and former builder Peter Leech is standing for the Socialist Alliance. Peter's campaign has centred round opposing the war in Afghanistan.


Thousands of students have demonstrated for free education across Britain over the last two weeks. The National Union of Students (NUS) has organised regional rallies to call on the government to reintroduce grants.

Postal Workers: Strike ballot on the way

Around 160,000 postal workers will soon start a strike ballot over pay. The CWU union's deputy general secretary, John Keggie, announced the move at an anti-privatisation rally in Edinburgh on Saturday. Basic starting pay for a delivery postal worker is as little as £145.66 per week before tax. The top basic pay is £242.76 before tax outside London. Even with the maximum inner London allowances, the basic pay is a maximum of £291.58 a week before tax.

US and Britain out of Afghanistan

Their bloody record 1960-75 Vietnam: two million dead

These people will not be liberators

"Our Friends." That's how US president George W Bush describes the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. Britain's defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, says the Northern Alliance "are not nearly as bad as people have been suggesting".

The global warlord and his lieutenant

War upon war, horror upon horror. That is what faces not only the long-suffering people of Afghanistan, but millions of others across the globe if the most powerful capitalist state in the world, the US, has its way.

Corus cost cutting kills three

Steelworkers are deeply saddened that three men died at the Corus plant in Port Talbot, South Wales, last week. Stephen Galsworthy, 26, and Andrew Hutin, 20, died instantly when tons of molten iron which was superheated to 1,000 degrees centigrade burst through the walls of the plant's number five furnace. Another man, in his fifties, died later.

Scandal forces McLeish out

Speculation was growing this week over who would be the next first minister of Scotland after the resignation of Henry McLeish. His downfall began in April when it emerged that McLeish had claimed full expenses from the taxpayer on his constituency office as a Westminster MP. At the same time he had been subletting it to private firms.

Socialist Worker Appeal: Help us hit £200,000

Socialist Worker, Britain's biggest selling left wing newspaper, has launched an appeal for £200,000. In just nine weeks our supporters have donated £131,516. Recent events have shown how important Socialist Worker is. There are the war in Afghanistan, the growing economic crisis, and New Labour's continuing attacks on ordinary people across Britain.

Warmonger also sacks people here

Global media owner Rupert Murdoch is cheering on the war in Afghanistan and at the same time attacking his own workers in Britain. Murdoch owns top Hollywood film company 20th Century Fox. Last week he was one of the movie executives invited to a meeting initiated by George W Bush to discuss how companies could help the war on Afghanistan with their films.

Xmas bonus sacrificed for BA's profits

Hundreds of British Airways workers lobbied parliament last week demanding government action over the jobs crisis hitting the airline. The lobby was organised by the TGWU union. It was addressed by the union's leader Bill Morris and a string of Labour MPs. BA is cutting the equivalent of 7,000 jobs, and has held back a promised Christmas bonus of a week's pay for its 36,000 workers.

Flight ban on Green

Armed government agents seized the coordinator of the Green Party in the US, Nancy Oden, as she boarded a plane in Bangor on the east coast of the US two weeks ago.

Postal workers: Strike beats boss who bullied woman

East London postal workers showed last week how to deal with managers who bully women workers. They struck in large numbers and forced a humiliating climbdown by the bosses. Up to 2,000 workers struck unofficially on Tuesday of last week in solidarity with workers on strike at South Woodford. At that office a woman worker had been reduced to tears by the verbal assault of a manager.

In brief: Will egg firm crack?

Workers who make egg cartons for the Omni-Pac company in Great Yarmouth staged their second one-day strike on Wednesday of last week. The 114 workers, members of the TGWU union, are striking against the imposition of new contracts which mean they could lose up to £40 a week.

PCS round-up

Thousands of Inland Revenue workers in the PCS union held a flexi-protest over pay on Wednesday of last week.

Defend asylum seekers

"I have nothing to lose. If I have to live in one of those detention centres again they might as well kill me."

Scottish Power

Workers at Scottish Power and Manweb are to be balloted this week on management's latest offer.

National Civil Rights Movement

Around 100 people attended the National Civil Rights Movement annual general meeting last weekend. Kwesi Menson, the brother of Michael Menson, Sukhdev Reel, the mother of Ricky Reel, and Doreen Lawrence were among the many relatives of victims of racism who spoke at the event.

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