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Protests defy US military

These are events taking place on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques in the Caribbean. The local population is taking on the might of the US military.But protesters defied teargas and rubber bullets to...

Selling off the elderly

THE HEALTH and wellbeing of one pensioner made headline news recently. The Queen Mother has received the best health treatment and care with no expense spared.But Winnie faces eviction because the Lab...

Gateway is shut

The firm looks set to close its entire UK and Ireland operations. Gateway's 1,000 workers are still waiting to find out their future. Gateway is worth $20 billion worldwide and employs 20,000 people.*...

Disaster made by the free market

THIS AUGUST marks the tenth anniversary of the failed coup in Moscow that led to the collapse of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union. Western leaders and the media hailed the end of the Communist...


Anti Nazi League Join the weekend of anti-Nazi activity...

Campaign to defend refugees

The government has forced new refugees to use vouchers instead of cash benefits and dispersed them around the country. But the government has been forced to announce it

Tony Blair's on another planet

Tony Blair's on another planetHe seems oblivious to the depth of feeling against his agenda for privatisation. This week the GMB union stepped up its campaign in defen...

HACKNEY COUNCIL in east London has sacked one of the local union's leading activists.

HACKNEY COUNCIL in east London has sacked one of the local union's leading activists.

Workers fight back in Argentina

* More on Argentina, the IMF and workers' revolt on page 4 ...


KILLINGS, INVASIONS AND OCCUPATIONS Israel steps up brutalityThe suicide bombing of a Jerusalem pizzeria by a Palestinian on Thursday of last week which killed 15 Israelis only increased Israel's atta...

Road to peace in Middle East

Since the election of right wing war criminal Ariel Sharon as leader in February Israel has stepped up its attacks by assassinating Palestinian activists. The level of violence has led many Israeli li...

Anti Nazi League Join the weekend of anti-Nazi activity

will review both these policies...

Bowing to Unionists threatens the peace

He claimed this was to give the peace process "breathing space". But the suspension was a capitulation to Unionist demands for the decommissioning of IRA weapons. The British government has allowed D...

Police protect the nazis

Police in Mid Wales mounted a huge operation last weekend to protect a gathering by a dangerous, violent gang with a string of criminal convictions

Racist murder of Firsat Yildiz – the bloody price of scapegoating asylum seekers

Firsat Yildiz fled to Britain from Turkey in fear of his life. He hoped to find sanctuary from violence and terror. Last weekend he was murdered. At the age of 22 he bled to death in a Glasgow park.

Fighting racism and for justice

AS NEWS of the murder of Firsat Yildiz broke on Sunday, 350 asylum seekers marched from Sighthill to Glasgow city centre chanting, "We want justice!" On Monday more than 1,000 people then attended a mass rally in the city's George Square.

Shock sentences

OUTRAGE has greeted sentences passed on anti-capitalist protesters who demonstrated in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in June. Luigino "Gigi" Longo, a 43 year old trade unionist and socialist living in Norway, and Jonas Enander both received sentences of two and a half years. Paul Robinson, a UNISON union member from Britain, was also imprisoned, for a year.

Unionists snub offer of peace

THE ULSTER Unionists are once again jeopardising peace in Northern Ireland. Ever since the peace process began, the Ulster Unionists have demanded that the IRA decommissions its weapons. Now General John de Chasterlain, head of the decommissioning body, says he is "satisfied" that the IRA will put its weapons "completely and verifiably beyond use".

Blair's Britain

TRAFFIC JAMS are at record levels despite the pledge by deputy prime minister John Prescott to cut car use. Government figures show drivers travelled an average 187.5 more miles last year than in 1999. Road traffic also increased by 1 percent last year.

Keep up tube fight

LONDON MAYOR Ken Livingstone has dropped his High Court appeal against the government's plan to privatise the tube through Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

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