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Drug firms sentence millions to death

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are going to court to stop South Africans receiving cheaper AIDS treatment. It is the starkest form of profit being put before people's lives. Around 25 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have the HIV virus which leads to AIDS.

On the road to Luton

Socialist Worker sellers have been pulling out all the stops to build Saturday's demonstration against the closure of Vauxhall's Luton plant. They set up a stall at the university on Wednesday last week and collected scores of signatures on the petition to save the plant. 28 copies of Socialist Worker were sold and 1 student joined the Socialist Workers Party. 5 students came to a meeting the next night at which 2 joined the SWP. On Saturday 83 copies of Socialist Worker were sold in the town centre and another 5 people joined the SWP. Elsewhere in the build-up to the demo 9 copies of the paper were sold outside Vauxhall Ellesmere Port and 8 at the ex-Rover Longbridge plant.

Back Dudley strikers: Stop corporate takeover of NHS

"The strike at Dudley hospitals is one of the longest running disputes in the history of the NHS. It shows the determination of the workers involved, and the support they are winning is extremely exciting." That is how journalist and campaigner George Monbiot described the strike by 600 ancillary workers in Dudley in the West Midlands.

Scottish teachers

Scottish Teachers are being asked by their union leaders to vote for longer working hours and the right of management to control every minute of their lives. This is what the pay and conditions deal we are being balloted over really means.

Red card for Arsenal plan

At a public consultation meeting last week in Islington, north London, held to consider Arsenal football club's multi-million pound redevelopment plans, a middle-aged woman stared the Lib Dem deputy council leader in the eyes. She was following a series of speakers, all of whom were up in arms at the club's big business plans.

Let everyone know about the Alliance

The liaison committee of the National Network of Socialist Alliances in England met this weekend to give a push to its election campaign. The Socialist Alliance is now hoping to stand over 60 candidates in England in the general election. It is producing a national banner for the demo to save Vauxhall in Luton this weekend.

Build unity on the tube

The public rally against tube privatisation earlier this month had speakers from the ASLEF, RMT and TSSA rail unions. ASLEF, which represents train drivers, and the RMT, the general rail trade union, are balloting their members together and plan joint action at the beginning of next month.

Blair listens to millionaires not to the millions

Back jobs fight at Vauxhall Luton – Demo: Sat 20 January, Luton

Time to show steel

Steel giant Corus is pushing ahead with redundancies and plant closures. That is the real message from a meeting it held with union leaders on Monday. It focused on the results of redundancies that have already been announced. But many more job losses are coming.

Vauxhall call demo

Vauxhall workers in Luton have launched a fightback to save their jobs. Unions at the plant have called a demonstration on Saturday 20 January. They are asking other workers to join it.

Vindictive Goodyear

Bosses at Goodyear in Wolverhampton want to slash 500 jobs in revenge for workers' refusal to accept pay cuts and longer hours. Management and union leaders recommended to workers that they accept an 11 percent pay cut and longer hours.

The best party money can buy

Tony Blair is "absolutely proud" of the string of businessmen who have bunged money into New Labour's coffers. Millions of people who have voted Labour will instead be sickened at Blair's courting of the rich. Businessmen do not give money for nothing. They expect New Labour to bow to their interests.

Refugees in 'hell'

The trial of 12 Afghans charged in connection with a hijacked plane that flew into Britain last year was due to begin on Thursday. But New Labour should be put in the dock over its treatment of the remaining 88 Afghan passengers who have asked for asylum in Britain.

One family's fight for justice

The family of a black postal worker driven to suicide by racism at work have won the first step in their battle for justice. The victim's parents won the right this week to a posthumous employment tribunal hearing over racial discrimination. Jermaine Lee, a 26 year old Birmingham postal worker, hanged himself in November 1999.

Blair's Britain

"The pledge of John Prescott to cut the number of car journeys in the first five years of Labour rule has been abandoned. There has in fact been a remorseless increase in traffic growth."

Tabloid vengeance

The right wing press have launched a disgusting attack on a judge's decision to give Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, jailed for the killing of James Bulger, anonymity for life when they are released from prison later this year. The Sun devoted five pages on Tuesday to a vicious exposé of the lives of the two boys since they were sentenced eight years ago.

Uranium weapons horror exposed

The truth is finally beginning to emerge about radioactive weapons used by Western forces in their wars against Iraq and in the Balkans. The revelations on depleted uranium come as the tenth anniversary of the start of the West's 1991 Gulf War against Iraq approaches this month. Several European governments that are part of the NATO military alliance have launched inquiries into depleted uranium weapons.

SWP news - Steel sales

14 copies of Socialist Worker were sold outside Llanwern steel works in South Wales campaigning over the threatened closure, while 6 were sold at Cardiff's Penarth Road post office. 11 papers were sold at Aston post office in Birmingham along with 5 at Land Rover. Liverpool sales included 11 at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and 10 at Cammel Laird shipyard, while in Manchester 15 were sold at the Co-operative Insurance HQ and 3 at Moss Side Benefits Agency.

Scottish teachers' pay offer is a con

The Scottish press slammed teachers as "greedy" last weekend for not jumping for joy at a proposed pay deal. Papers claimed negotiations between the Scottish Executive, teachers' union and local government representatives had come up with a once in a lifetime offer, worth a 21.5 percent pay increase over the next three years.

Postal workers

Nearly 800 workers walked out on 24-hour unofficial strike at Royal Mail's main Nottingham depot in Beeston on Thursday of last week. About 130 workers picketed the depot while managers struggled to deliver a small portion of the more than two million letters that have piled up. The walkout was in response to the sacking of driver Alan McCrackle for taking too much sick leave. It followed the rejection of appeals by two other drivers sacked for the same reason last year.

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