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Paper in poll scam shock

A MAJORITY of people said in a survey that they didn�t agree with the News of the World�s recent naming and shaming campaign against paedophiles...

Cancer scare


Homelessness Tsar is hiding the truth

Louise Casey infamously stated last year that charities were encouraging homeless people by giving them sleeping bags and soup. Casey's self congratulatory report shows that she has been moderately...

What's behind Loyalist feuding?

THE BATTLE is between two Loyalist paramilitary groups-the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). The killings have a political dimension. The battle is not only a ...

System based on violence

"VIOLENCE IS inevitable," claimed a Guardian feature on the anti-capitalist protests against the International Monetary Fund/World Bank annual summit planned for Prague during the last week in Septemb

Straw's racist visas


Things they say

IT IS two years since financial chaos ricocheted around the world, bringing economic hardship to East Asia, Latin America and, most notably, Russia. It has become fashionable for commentators to wri

Truck driver makes stand

MANY PEOPLE are taking a stand in support of refugees. They include a truck driver who picked up a leaflet from campaigners in Brighton during a recent protest against New Labour's refugee voucher sch

Solidarity caravan


Low Pay

New Labour's drive to get people off benefits and into work was exposed as a sham in a survey last week. ...

Coppers lose it

Bad news for Kent police. The same cops that allowed the Nazis to demonstrate in Margate three times this year at �50,000 a time have now been forced to pay compensation to the Anti Nazi League (ANL)...

British workers get a tanning

Tony Blair this week returned from the latest leg of his luxury holiday in Italy and France. But the figures for how much holiday ordinary people get are shocking. Workers in Britain get just 28 day...

Rain didn't stop play

Rain didn't stop play

Poor can't phone home

BT, which made a profit of �2.9 billion last year, has announced that the minimum price of a call from a phone box is to double to 20 pence. The charity Age Concern says that almost one in ten pensio

New BSE nightmare

Mad cow disease may be jumping from species to species undetected by any safeguards. That is the nightmare scenario research scientists warned of this week. If true, this would make the potential ...

Protest against killer policies

The press in Britain, the Czech Republic and elsewhere say protesters are planning violence and riots. But these are scare stories designed to deter people from protesting. The real violence is ...


The Asda supermarket chain made Nazi Clive Potter runner up in its Local Heroes competition. Potter is a member of the National Democrats, a split from the National Front. The Anti Nazi League has ...

Barclays plan to slash jobs

Barclays bank bosses are planning to slash their already depleted workforce massively in an information technology "e big bang". By doing so the bank aims to double its profits in three years....

Widdecombe hounded from festival

SHADOW HOME secretary Ann Widdecombe was hounded by angry protesters when she visited the Edinburgh Book Festival last Saturday. Some 100 protesters, enraged by her attitude to asylum seekers, joined ...

Killed by the profit system he hated

SIMON JONES would have been celebrating his 27th birthday on Friday. But his life was tragically cut short on 24 April 1998 when he got a new job as a casual worker at Shoreham docks in Sussex. Simon...

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