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SCOTTISH AND Grampian TV could be blacked out by strikes after staff voted for action against job cuts and a pay freeze.

No to top-up fees

AROUND 500 students at Warwick University occupied the college's Senate House...

Are pigs about to save our bacon?


Labour fiddles while Rover burns

They have worked their guts out for years and jumped through every hoop the government and bosses have placed before them. Their reward is betrayal. These "hardworking families" now face the dole...


A VICIOUS attack on two tourists last week spurred local people into action against racism in Liverpool.

Rally to mark the anniversary of the start of NATO's war in the Balkans 

RESISTANCE TO the far right/Tory coalition government in Austria is deepening. About 1,000 students voted at a mass meeting on Thursday of last week to occupy Vienna University...

MSF-AEEU merger

ACTIVISTS IN the MSF union have stepped up their campaign against the proposed merger with the AEEU union. MSF leader Roger Lyons and AEEU leader Ken Jackson are pushing for a joint union. Lyons has e...

Story behind New film hurricane

I WAS brought up as an all-American boy. Every day at school I saluted the flag, said the Lord's Prayer and sang "God Bless America". I watched TV and saw happy families-always white, married couples ...

NHS will still fall far short of Euro average

GORDON Brown promised a much bigger than expected increase in health spending over the next four years. He said health spending will rise by 6.1 percent each year for four years...

It's back to new basics

LAST WEEK brought back memories of the autumn of 1992. An announcement of a mass wave of job losses and, simultaneously, a desperately out of touch government stoking fire and brimstone over family va

Don't let the car plants go the way of the pits

Don't let the car plants go the way of the pits


THE LONG overdue inquiry into the army shooting of 14 unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland in 1972 is due to begin this month...

Newspaper's tidal wave of hatred

"THE TIME has come to get the beggars off the streets." So ran the disgusting editorial in last Friday's Daily Mail...

Postal workers

SOME 1,500 lecturers in Scotland were set to strike for two days this week, following two successful strike days last week...

Plenty of food, no democracy


A party in turmoil

THE ARGUMENTS over the London mayor election are causing debate and soul - searching among every one of the 300,000 members of the Labour Party and the 700,000 activists...

Boeing strike going strong

THE STRIKE by 20,000 white collar engineers and technicians at the giant Boeing aeroplane factory in Seattle, US, is now in its fifth week.

MS sufferers fight back

MORE THAN 1,000 sufferers from the killer disease multiple sclerosis (MS) lobbied parliament last week over fears that vital drugs they depend on could be banned from NHS prescription..

Ishtiaq Ahmed

UP to 500 UNISON union members at Dudley Group of Hospitals in the West Midlands may vote on industrial action against the transfer of jobs to a private consortium under the Private Finance Initiative...

Build left out of Blair's crisis

REMEMBER WHAT the Tories said as they slithered to defeat from 1992 onwards? "Our policies are fine. It's the press which is against us," was their unconvincing message...

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