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Abdi Dorre

Around 200 people marched in Northampton recently to demand justice for Abdi Dorre.

Colombia solidarity

Protests are planned this weekend and on Monday in solidarity with the fight against Plan Colombia, the US-backed war in the South American country aimed at smashing resistance to neo-liberal economic policies.

Scottish Power: Strike to beat power bosses

Workers at the huge multinational firm Scottish Power began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week.


Caledonian Macbrayne (CalMac) ferry crews on the Clyde are planning an indefinite strike from Monday. The action would affect CalMac's services from Ardrossan, Gourock and Wemyss Bay.

Council housing - Dudley Victory

Council tenants in Dudley were celebrating this week beating off their Labour council's attempt to privatise their homes. A ballot of tenants in the West Midlands council saw privatisation rejected by 56.2 percent to 43.8 percent, with 70 percent of all eligible tenants voting. This was despite the council's expensive glossy pro-privatisation campaign, and then springing the ballot on people at short notice.

South West Trains

Rail Workers on South West Trains are voting in two strike ballots-over pay and the treatment of union officials. Over 2,000 RMT union members are taking part with the result expected on 17 December.


More than 200 tugboat workers have voted to strike as part of a campaign for better pensions. Members of the TGWU union based in London, Southampton, Liverpool and Felixstowe have backed industrial action.

US backs Israel's murderous assault

Ariel Sharon unleashed the full force of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people on Monday of this week. The war criminal who is prime minister of Israel was given the green light for his bloody assault by US president George W Bush. "Israel has a right to defend itself and the president understands that," said Bush's official spokesperson.

Bush's Afghan killing fields - Now he's after Iraq

'I lost my daughter two days ago. The Americans bombed our home in Kandahar and the roof fell in. Her name was Muzlifa. She was two. Then there was my other daughter. Her name was Farigha. She was three. There wasn't much left of my son. When the roof hit him he was turned to meat and all I could see were bones. His name was Sherif. He was a year and a half old.'Shukria Gul speaking to journalist Robert Fisk last week

Fuelling their allies' attacks

On Monday Associated Press correspondent Ellen Nickmeyer reported from the northern town of Kunduz on the scenes that accompanied its capture by Northern Alliance forces:

Backed by the West: Israel murders children

Five boys from the same family torn to pieces. A Palestinian leader and two aides killed by a helicopter gunship. A murdered taxi driver. A 13 year old boy and a 15 year old shot dead. Political offices and security posts blown up in the Gaza Strip.

Terminal Five: The sky has no limits

The decision to allow Heathrow airport to build the new terminal five is just about "money and shops", said the Labour MEP Robert Evans. His words came after Stephen Byers, New Labour's transport secretary, allowed the highly contested terminal five to go ahead "in the national interest". "It will bring benefits to the British economy both locally and nationally," he said.

Black family want answers from the Met

"We want the truth-we want justice," pleaded Rhoda. She is the sister of Ricky Bishop, who died in police custody last Thursday. Rhoda was surrounded by a shocked group of family, friends and supporters who gathered to demand answers outside Brixton police station last Sunday. Ricky Bishop was a healthy 25 year old black man.

Union's shoddy deal over PFI

Leaders of the giant public sector UNISON union hailed a deal they struck with the government over the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) last week. The union claims the deal is a victory which will stop thousands of health workers having their jobs transferred to private companies.

Schools: profit multiplies division

New Labour's Education Bill, published last week, is a privateer's dream. It simultaneously "deregulates" schools, opening the way to further involvement by private companies, and tightens the stranglehold of government bureaucrats over what is taught.

Postal Workers: Shaping up for battle against privatisation

Postal Workers are set for a head-on confrontation with their bosses and the government over privatisation. The Communication Workers Union had been preparing to hold a strike ballot over pay. But it has now switched to the question of putting out to contract sections such as vehicle services, parcel deliveries and cleaning.

Mark Dolan: Why we won it

A Post Office disciplinary hearing last week found that Mark Dolan, treasurer of the CWU union branch in North/North West London, was innocent of the charges against him. A worker at the NDO office made a complaint against Mark after he had overheard a discussion about the World Trade Centre suicide attacks. Mark had said he was against the loss of life in New York, but that it was a result of US policies.

By-election results

Burnley An important council by-election was due to take place on Thursday of this week in the Rose Hill ward in Burnley, Lancashire. The BNP Nazis were hoping to get a significant vote. They stood candidates in two council by-elections in Burnley last week.

In brief

Bus strikes get results Bus workers in two Stagecoach companies in Hastings and the north east of England have voted to accept improved pay offers. Two days of strike action by workers in Teesside, Hartlepool and Darlington forced Stagecoach management to increase their offer to a flat rate of £6 an hour.

Scottish Power: Pull plug on bosses

Workers at Scottish Power in Scotland, Merseyside and north Manchester are set to take strike action on Tuesday and Wednesday. Scottish Power is one of the world's top ten utility multinationals. It also owns Southern Water and Pacificore in the US. The workers do essential jobs, maintaining and repairing breakdowns in the electricity network.

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