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Dungavel Over 100 protesters demonstrated last weekend outside the Dungavel detention centre in south Lanarkshire, Scotland, calling for the closure of the camp. Many of the protesters had travelled from Glasgow, where they had taken part in an anti-war rally

Vote scandal

UNION LEADERS are ignoring a strike vote by further education lecturers. Instead leaders of the NATFHE union are ordering a new ballot and recommending that workers accept the same employers' offer they have just voted against! Lecturers delivered a two to one ballot majority in favour of rejecting a pay offer of just an extra 0.3 percent from next April.

Say no to Bush's war

"TO RETALIATE in a massive military way is not the answer. I would feel dreadful about US retribution. There is no difference between innocent men, women and children getting killed and my brother. I think Bush should be caged at the moment. He is a loose cannon. He is building up his forces for a military strike. That is not the answer."

The terror gang in the White House

Not fighting for civilisation GEORGE W Bush claims he is fighting terrorism in the interests of democracy and freedom. But behind George W Bush stands his father, George Bush Sr-one of the worst terrorists ever.

Voices raised against war

'THE US government are preparing to embark on what they are saying will be a massive, protracted military campaign. We must do everything possible to stop this bloody US military retaliation.' STUDENTS, University of Michigan in the US

The diary of a people's agony

IN THE aftermath of the attacks on New York and Washington the media repeatedly played the same footage of a small number of Palestinians who were celebrating. The message was clear-Palestinians are fanatics with little regard for human life.

A message to all our readers

OVER 400 people packed into a snap meeting in central London called by the Socialist Workers Party on Friday of last week to discuss the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Centre. Similar meetings were to take place across Britain this week.

Defend council housing

THE GOVERNMENT wants to flog off all council housing by the end of the decade. The government's housing policy is a tangled web. A new 48-page pamphlet, The Case for Council Housing, unravels that web.

'Taking them on'

SCOTTISH Power workers are voting on strikes against attempts to cut jobs and worsen conditions. Scottish Power is a multinational which operates in North Wales and north west England as well as Scotland.

Medical secretaries

MEDICAL secretaries in Glasgow are escalating their fight over regrading and low pay. From this week 60 secretaries in the surgical division will be taking three days of strike action every week.

Post Office

CWU UNION leaders have made a deal with Royal Mail bosses to drop threatened strike ballots. In return managers have agreed not to impose changes to workers' terms and conditions at a local level without agreement with the union.

Wakefield - Home victories

WORKERS AND social service users on a 200-strong lobby of Wakefield council were jubilant last Wednesday when the Labour council was forced to retreat from its proposal to cut £1.9 million from provision for the elderly and disabled.

In brief

P&O TANKER drivers struck on Monday in a battle against pay cuts. Around 80 drivers took part in the action. They are based at Ellesmere Port, Immingham, Middlesbrough and Thurrock.

A taste of the Brighton demo

"NO TO privatisation" chanted 200 trade unionists and campaigners as they demonstrated through the streets of Milton Keynes last Saturday. The march was called by local trade unionists in the post workers' CWU union and the GMB union and was joined by children, parents and teachers from the local Save Our Schools campaign.

Civil service

THE CIVIL service dispute in London is escalating. The PCS union has started to ballot its members in the Benefits Agency and Employment Service for indefinite strike action in over 50 Pathfinder offices. Staff are being balloted in offices from Exeter to Aberdeen.

Anti-racist and anti-Nazi

THE NAZI National Front was humiliated in Sunderland for the second time in a month on Saturday. Having had a rally in August foiled by 200 protesters, they abandoned any attempt to march last weekend.


"UK COAL has lost £3.5 million so far rather than pay about £6,700 per week to meet our demands." So says striking miners' representative Chris Skidmore.

McGowan campaign

AROUND 100 people marched through Wellington in Telford, Shropshire, last Saturday. They were protesting against West Mercia police's failure to investigate properly the death of black man Errol McGowan, found hanged in July 1999.

Green Party conference

THE GREEN Party annual conference took place in Salisbury last weekend in the wake of the party's best ever general election result. The Greens now have 49 local councillors, one member of the Scottish Parliament, two members of the European Parliament and three members of the Greater London Authority.

Socialist Alliance

PORTSMOUTH Socialist Alliance passed this motion at its public meeting last week.

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