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Stand up for socialism Join the revolt against New Labour

Anti-racism roundup

OVER 500 people attended a march and rally in the small town of Kirkintilloch, outside Glasgow, last Saturday

Debts bring a tide of misery

MILLIONS OF people in southern Africa who are suffering from a terrible flood have been abandoned to their fate by Western governments. They have refused to give aid which could have saved thousands o

100,000 say no to New Labour

ALMOST 100,000 members of Britain's biggest union have voted to reject New Labour in favour of a socialist alternative.

A Reel tribute

KEEP IT Reel is an 11 track CD produced by musicians to support the fight for justice for Ricky Reel.

NATO makes divide worse


Straw's intolerance

ZERO TOLERANCE policing, so admired by New Labour's Jack Straw, equals murder, brutality and injustice...

In brief

STAGECOACH BUS workers in Lancashire are to ballot for strikes against a pay offer that amounts to a 15p an hour rise.



Disabled workers rattle bosses

REMPLOY bosses have retreated from plans to close nine factories for disabled workers across Britain...

How Austria flipped phase


Victims of the class divide

ST GEORGE'S Secondary School in west London was branded one of the "worst schools in Britain" by sections of the media last week. Discipline problems hit the school two weeks ago.

Rebels take on fascists

THE demonstration against Haider had people from all over the world on it. The Austrians felt they had support and I felt unity with them

Keep pressure up after protests shake Haider

J�RG HAIDER has been shaken by the wave of protest that greeted the entry of his far right Freedom Party into the Austrian government. He stood down from the party's leadership on Monday...

Brown's Tory jibe at jobless

"GET ON your bike!" That was the infamous insult hurled at the unemployed by arch-Tory Norman Tebbit in the 1980s.

A firm stand gets results

BOSSES AT Ford motors have been rattled by the determination of white collar staff to fight to defend their pensions.

Media scapegoating spurs on the thugs

THE VIOLENT consequences of the anti-refugee hysteria from the press and Tory politicians were exposed last week.

Keen sales

Socialist Worker sellers across the country were out last weekend defending Ken Livingstone's right to stand for London mayor following Blair's stitch up.

Why won't John Prescott listen?

THE SOUTHALL rail disaster was caused by privatisation. That is the stark message that came out of last week's report of the inquiry into the September 1997 crash that killed seven passenger

Stand for a socialist alternative

NEW LABOUR leaders have spent weeks saying it is wrong for Ken Livingstone to stand against the Labour Party machine, and wrong for people to support him.

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