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Don't waste a new chance to build left

THE demonstration in Birmingham last weekend was the biggest workers' protest since the marches against pit closures in 1992...

Blair's Britain

LONG working hours for parents cause stress-related health problems among their children...


THE FORD motor company is facing a second serious industrial tribunal over racism...

Mugabe desperate to cling to power

Neither description gives the whole truth. Mugabe has raised the land issue in a desperate attempt to hang on to power after 20 years at the top. He is in real trouble...


THE NATIONAL Union of Teachers took legal action against a new aspect of the government's performance related pay scheme this week...

Multinationals bring hunger

Neither extreme is necessary. Food production is left to giant corporations which put profit before health...

French strikers

RECENTLY I was in Paris on an exchange with some students. The first morning we found ourselves in the middle of a teachers' meeting to discuss strike action and building for a one day national strike...


UP TO 2,000 manual construction workers at the Grangemouth Petrochemical complex, 20 miles west of Edinburgh, walked out on strike on Tuesday of last week.

Debt pledge broken

LONG working hours for parents cause stress-related health problems among their children...

There is a population problem

THE PRESS have been whipping up hysteria against immigrants "swamping" Britain in recent weeks. But a United Nations report has exposed that the real population crisis is the very opposite of that por


With the present uncertainty over Rover and Land Rover, Pilks workers are concerned about the general fate of their industry and the particular manoeuvres of their bosses.

Bad news day for management at SMG

ABOUT 300 media workers in the journalists' NUJ union and the technicians' BECTU union at STV and Grampian Television struck on Wednesday of last week...

Journey through hatred

REVIEWERS have heaped praise on Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth. This young black novelist charts a changing Britain through the lives and pasts of a group of west Londoners.

Well done, Brum

Socialist Worker sellers in the West Midlands reacted brilliantly last week in the build-up to Saturday's magnificent demonstration. Each day they were out leafleting and petitioning outside workplace

Bus workers

BUS AND rail workers in Ireland paralysed transport in the capital, Dublin, last week...

Titles for Tories and fat cats

TWO BARCLAYS Bank bosses were paid more than �3 million between them last year. Chairman Sir Peter Middleton's salary has QUADRUPLED to �1.76 million. That included salary and fees of �947,000...

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

THE STRIKE by electricians at the Norfolk and Norwich PFI hospital site has ended.

100,000 on Birmingham jobs march

THIS WAS the angry scene last Saturday as up to 100,000 people marched through Birmingham.

Justice for Christopher Alder

Justice for Christopher Alder


ANGEL MAKOLY, a student, has been jailed for two years on violent disorder charges arising out of the J18 demonstration against capitalism in the City of London last summer.

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