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THE DEFIANT ONES (1.45pm, Fri, C4). Great film from the 1950s about two escaped prisoners starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. Curtis's character is forced to confront his racism to flee the chain

March for Rover as devastation threatens across Midlands

March for Rover as devastation threatens across Midlands

A new battle at Waterloo

"THE FEELING at Waterloo is very strong. People are coming up to me inside and outside work saying that they are very angry about Sarah's sacking."

Gould's spin on the wheel

UNLIKE THE Dome, the London Eye, the vast wheel which offers panoramic views of the capital, has been genuinely popular. Yet many people who want to ride on the Eye have been infuriated by delays

Birmingham sales soar

Not to be outdone, east London sellers rushed out a leaflet on Monday over the threatened job losses at Ford's Dagenham plant. 29 papers were sold on the gate. In Glasgow sellers reacted to the witch-...

Union officials back monster march call 'We want everyone in Birmingham'

Union officials back monster march call 'We want everyone in Birmingham'

'We're sick of being at bosses' beck and call'

NEW LABOUR lost the Scottish Parliament by-election in Ayr last week. Labour's vote fell by 16 percent, letting the hated Tories back in...

New strike wave breaks in France

The protests marked a new stage in a revolt which has been simmering in France's schools in recent weeks. A new wave of education strikes and a national demonstration in Paris were set for Friday...

Mick Rix

THE RIGHT wing in the ASLEF rail union are manoeuvring in an attempt to challenge left wing general secretary Mick Rix. A special recall conference has been called for 25 April to discuss removing Rix...

Anti-Haider mood deepens

RESISTANCE TO the far right/Tory coalition government in Austria is deepening. About 1,000 students voted at a mass meeting on Thursday of last week to occupy Vienna University...

Pro-war case falls apart

THE GUARDIAN greeted the first anniversary of the launch of NATO's bombing campaign against Serbia with a series of articles in which it tried nervously to reassure itself that it was right to back th


MEMBERS OF the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers' union in England and Wales, will receive ballot papers on Monday of next week...

Decades of treachery

"YOU MIGHT as well drop a nuclear bomb on the Midlands. That's what closing Longbridge means." Those are the words of a Rover worker, and he is right. BMW knows it. That is why its managers scarpered ...


UNISON UNION general secretary Rodney Bickerstaffe has repeatedly claimed that the spate of disciplinary cases and expulsions in the union is not a "political vendetta"

British Airways

THERE WERE spontaneous parties in the air and on the ground on the day we heard that Bob Ayling was to "spend more time with his family".

Building the sinews of a socialist campaign

LABOUR LEADERS are reeling in the face of opinion poll evidence that Ken Livingstone still holds a commanding lead in the race for London mayor. Livingstone's lead over New Labour's official candidate...

Postal workers

AROUND 600 postal workers walked out unofficially...

From Seattle to east London, and then Washington

AROUND 150 people came along to a "Carnival Against Capitalism" we helped organise at London Guildhall University last week...

Dangerous stuff

"CLONED PIGS Raise Hope Of Organs For Humans". "Cloned Pigs Hold Key To Future Transplants". These headlines greeted the announcement last week that scientists have now produced the world's first clon

We reply to media lies on refugees

Not enough houses?

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