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Irving's mates

Irving's mates

The businessmen in the ministries

BOB AYLING was sacked as boss of British Airways last week. But BA workers will still suffer from the legacy of this high profile Blair supporter...

Ripon ballot was rigged for rich

NEW LABOUR seems to be becoming addicted to ballot rigging. Not content with stitching up internal party votes, last week it rigged the ballot to end selective education in Ripon,

Defend beggars from the bigots

A FILTHY alliance has developed whose targets are innocent women and children. Metropolitan Police commissioner John Stevens, Labour minister Paul Boateng, AEEU union leader Ken Jackson...


AROUND 80 people attended the national student gathering of the Campaign against the Arms Trade last weekend...

For the Homerton 11 and Ken

AROUND 25 members of the Anti Nazi League leafleted the Bradford City versus Leeds United game on Sunday.

In brief

Demonstrate against fees Defend non-payers

Blair backs butcher of Chechnya

VLADIMIR PUTIN has the blood of thousands of innocent civilians in Chechnya on his hands. Yet Tony Blair last week paid a personal visit to Russia to meet Putin, the country's acting president...

BAe bung for palace in the sky

THE government's decision to bung BAe (British Aerospace) �530 million has received almost universal welcome. But why should multinationals get this cash from the governmen

By a striking lecturer

Cracks in the World Order

LAST YEAR'S Balkan War was meant to mark the new expanded NATO's emergence as a united alliance capable of intervening wherever it was necessary to restore order and human rights...

Bitter blow for Belfast

THE GOVERNMENT claims it is pumping �21 billion into the NHS over the next three years. The real figure is less than half that.

Bomber Tony's Balkan shame

ONE YEAR on from NATO's war against Yugoslavia, the easiest response would be to gloat and say, "I told you so." Yet such are the human misery and destruction left behind that there is no room for glo

'It's great to see an alternative'

KEN LIVINGSTONE'S decision to stand against New Labour for mayor of London is creating shockwaves in the labour movement across Britain...

Not just London

Across the country-not just in London-Socialist Worker sellers have been out building support for both Ken Livingstone's campaign for London mayor and the London Socialist Alliance...

Depression, suicide the price of poverty

NEW LABOUR peers are threatening a revolt because the government is reluctant to regulate care for the elderly...


ABOUT 450 firefighters marched in London on Friday of last week against the disciplining of 11 colleagues from the Homerton station, east London. The 11 faced disciplinary hearings...


SARAH FRIDAY, the sacked health and safety union rep at London's Waterloo station, has won her ballot for strike action...

Strikers stone Souter's scabs

BUS WORKERS in Ayr, south west Scotland, staged an angry one day strike last Saturday.

Ayling dives

POVERTY is leading to a soaring depression and suicides in Wales, according to a new survey. The report, "Mapping Social Exclusion in Wales", shows that more than half of all households in Wales have ...

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