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SOME 150 black and white anti-racists marched to Tottenham police station in north London on Saturday against police injustice...

The bigots want a climate of fear

A HUGE political storm has erupted in Scotland over the proposed repeal of Section 28 of the Local Government Act

Why does UNISON see activists as enemies?

NHS UNDERFUNDING is one of the greatest scandals of New Labour's time in office. Anger reached boiling point over the last two weeks.

Police instinct

NOT CONTENT with stopping Neville Lawrence recently, the Metropolitan Police have now moved on to Tory lords...

Picture begins to take shape

THE LAST few days have marked a turning point in the fortunes of New Labour. The general feeling amongst millions of people about the government has undergone a profound change...

Big holes in the fabric

THE NEW BBC series Clocking Off follows the lives of various workers employed at a textile factory in the north of England

Stench of corruption

I FELT sorry for the TV journalists reporting on the race for the US presidency. They did their best to liven up the selection of the Republican Party's candidate for president in the Iowa hustings.

Third World workers reveal power to hit back

"STRIKE FEVER" is gripping India, said the country's prime minister last week. Some 125,000 dockers were on strike demanding higher pay. A strike by 100,000 power workers against privatisation...

The fire that won't go out

IT IS said that the people of Limerick in southern Ireland are angry about their city's negative portrayal in Alan Parker's new film, Angela's Ashes ...

This is why millions are angry

ONE THOUSAND days of New Labour government, and the promise that "things can only get better" rings increasingly hollow. We look at stories just from the last week which show how Labour is betraying...

Sky Chefs

SACKED SKY Chefs workers at London's Heathrow airport were due to discuss a new offer from their employer, Lufthansa, at the end of this week ...

Cambridge Two

SUPPORTERS OF the "Cambridge Two" protested outside the high court last week as a judge began considering whether the two jailed charity workers could appeal against their imprisonment...


OVER 300 people attended a protest meeting last week at Cockburn School


OVER 130 union stewards at Remploy voted at a national meeting on Thursday of last week to ballot for industrial action...

TV workers

A STRIKE which was due to black out ITN news programmes was put on ice this week. Management offered last minute concessions over plans for new shifts which would wreck workers' lives...

'May the First be with you!'

I recently attended a meeting of around 50 people, most of whom I've never met before. All were against capitalism and concerned about the effect it has on our world.

Blair and Brown heckled by their own members

TONY BLAIR and chancellor Gordon Brown faced bitter anger at a public meeting last week-and the audience was entirely made up of Labour Party members...


WORKERS AT Harrow's Ekta colour finishing department, part of the giant Kodak corporation...

Taking on the rail fat cats

RAIL SERVICES in the south east of England virtually ground to a halt when 1,500 train drivers held a 24 hour strike on Tuesday. The drivers work for privatised rail company Connex.

Citizens' Advice

WORKERS AT Citizens' Advice Bureaux held a one day national strike over pay and conditions last Friday.

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