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Privatised potholes?

WHY ARE there so many holes in the roads and pavements? Do you curse your local council? Well, it seems privatisation is really to blame.

Narrow Labour win

PASOK, THE Greek equivalent of the Labour Party, was narrowly re-elected in the general election on Sunday...

Labour's myth of Middle England

CLARE SHORT was at it again last week, attacking the left. This time she attacked those who say Labour should pay more attention to its traditional or core supporters

'Blair's Labour makes me sick'

London Socialist Alliance candidates are getting a great response wherever they are invited to speak at election hustings. Mark Steel, LSA candidate in Croydon, south London, took part in a hustings l...

Jobs axe looms over industry

MANUFACTURING industry is being hit by a swathe of job losses, yet New Labour and trade union leaders are doing nothing.

The pilot who weathered the storm

TONY CLIFF, who died on Sunday, was an inspiration to successive generations of socialists. The inspiration came from his incredible dynamism, his hatred of every form of oppression

Parcels tied up

AROUND 100 Parcelforce workers in Gillingham, Kent, walked out on unofficial strike last week...

New Labour won't end housing lottery

AS WE enter the 21st century, we are enjoying unprecedented levels of prosperity." That is the glib opening phrase of deputy prime minister John Prescott's housing green paper, unveiled last week...

Electricians get stroppy

EVERY DEATH through starvation in Ethiopia should weigh like a nightmare on the bankers and capitalists who meet in Washington this week.

As Tories play the race card

THE TORIES are going out of their way to step up their vicious campaign against asylum seekers.

Sarah Friday

THE FIGHT to get London rail driver and RMT union activist Sarah Friday her job back is intensifying. Sarah was sacked on trumped up charges in February...


MEMBERS OF the Fire Brigades Union in London are furious at the decision by a New Labour controlled fire authority to reinstate a station officer who was sacked after firefighters claimed he had used racist language...

London Socialist Alliance campaign

SOME 150 people attended the London Socialist Alliance organising conference on Sunday...

Labour should tax the fat cats

On �116,000 a week and a �30 million bonus This man is living off our backs...

Rolls Royce

AROUND 40 shop stewards and convenors, representing manual workers at all Rolls Royce aerospace factories, met in Glasgow last weekend to discuss stepping up the fight against compulsory redundancies...



Green paper plans mass privatisation

LEADERS OF the world's most powerful countries and multinational institutions are breaking their promises of even minimal debt relief to Third World countries...

Dying because of debt, not drought

NEARLY 16 million people urgently need food aid in drought-stricken east Africa, and the threat of mass starvation is severe...

Mines explode

THE BIGGEST workers' protest for several years shook China several weeks ago, according to reports that are only just emerging from the country. Some 20,000 miners rioted and attacked government build

Nursing revolution

"I THOUGHT they were meant to have abolished slavery, but that is practically the state we are in." That was the angry comment of student nurse

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