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UNISON election: Voting for resistance

VOTING IS under way in the election for general secretary of the 1.3 million strong public sector workers' UNISON union...


nergetic style of rock...

Councils roundup

WANDSWORTH: Workers in Tory-run Wandsworth council, south London, have voted by a four to one margin for more strikes against a savage attack on sick pay and annual leave.

Public Trust Office

THE LORD Chancellor, Derry Irvine, is planning to privatise the Public Trust Office, endangering a service for some of the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Greenwich NUT

ADRIAN TIERNEY, secretary of the National Union of Teachers in Greenwich, south east London, has been charged with gross professional misconduct and could be sacked.

Don't let them murder Mumia


Defeat for the right in Chile

"PUT PINOCHET on trial!" was the chant of the jubilant crowd which gathered in Chile's capital, Santiago, to greet Ricardo Lagos's presidential election victory on Sunday

Capitalism is wrecking our world

FOUR IN five people in Scotland support the recommendations of the Cubie report into student finance, according to a poll in the Herald newspaper last week.

Online for a crash?

LAST WEEK was a bad one for anyone bored to tears by the endless hype about the internet...

Rail strike next week

"MANAGEMENT are trying to stop our strike," says a Connex train drivers' rep. "Last week every train driver at our depot was interviewed. When each driver entered the room he was cautioned by three ...

Postal workers: Reject this deal

POSTAL WORKERS are about to start a vote on the "new" "Way Forward" agreement backed by their bosses and union leaders.

Health SOS

Socialist Worker sellers were out last week campaigning over the crisis in the health service. At Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital 40 papers were sold, while 17 were sold at Homerton Hospital

Dave Carr

DAVE Carr, UNISON union branch chair at London's UCLH hospitals, has been threatened with derecognition as a union rep by management. This is the latest attack on the union by the NHS trust's bosses....

Poll backs Cubie

MORE ACTION is being organised in defence of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the award winning black US journalist

Glasgow schools

THE GRIM reality of Labour-led Glasgow City Council's plans to privatise all its secondary schools is becoming clearer.


Lecturers strike over tea breaks...

Don't bosses create wealth?

"BUT WHAT would we do without capital?" They were the words of London mayor hopeful Glenda Jackson last week.

NHS crisis - patients and doctors hit back

TONY BLAIR has been forced to promise to spend more money on the NHS. He says he will bring Britain's health spending in line with the average in the European Union.

NHS pay

"OUR WORK is vital to healthcare. Are we supposed to survive on fresh air?" That was the response of one hospital porter to the new three year pay offer

The good, the bad and NATO's lies

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